My Comic Con Journey: Preview Night and Day 1

Three years ago, quidditch was only on my radar because I had sighted a Silicon Valley Skrewts practice from the perch of my lifeguard’s chair at the El Camino YMCA. Eventually I’d begin my time at San Jose State and catch a glimpse of quidditch hoops at club day while looking for the Portuguese Club table. Two years ago, I was in Portugal thinking about hanging up my quidditch cleats or moving there and starting a team. One year ago, I was getting the NorCal Quidditch Conference together and slowly being coaxed into becoming the USQ West Regional Coordinator, a role I have come to cherish because I love working with these teams. Now I’m at San Diego Comic Con because I’ll be representing US Quidditch on a Comic Con panel.

I’m a day and a half into living the dream and it’s still sinking in that this is happening to me.

I’ll do a more polished write up when I get home. For now, here are some initial thoughts.

Preview Night

It was my first exposure to the madness that is Comic Con. I got into San Diego early that evening and just walked around the exhibit hall after meeting up with my former SJSU co-captain and perennial Comic Con volunteer Marina (who is also housing me because she is wonderful like that), grabbing freebies and letting myself be overwhelmed in the best way.

Day 1

I eased into things by hitting up some smaller panels:

From Fan to Creator: Goal-Setting for Creative Types

I’m working on launching a blog with my buddy David. Right now we’re working on creating a backlog of content but I’ve started to feel daunted by such a big task. While this panel told me a lot of things I already knew (be ambitious but realistic, set smaller goals on your way to your big goal, commit to your deadlines), it was helpful to hear from someone else. I felt energized and motivated again!

New Authors Making a Splash in the Literary Pool

If I’m gonna blog about books, I might as well have some insider knowledge, right? I’m gonna play this panel close to my chest so I have content for later, but I am really looking forward to reading Alywn Hamilton’s Rebel of the Sands.

Got an email saying I didn’t get a job I interviewed for, but that the recruiter still liked me and wanted to keep in touch. I had a moment of crushing disappointment because I really thought I nailed the interview. Then I remembered that I was funemployed but I was still at Comic Con, which made everything better.

We Need Diverse Comics

I met up with fellow English Major Old Fart’s Society member Hannah for this panel, and after a morning of missed connections, finally met up with Mary from USQ, too.

One of my favorite things this panel discussed was the commoditization of diversity. Indie comics often take on the task of writing about more than just lantern-jawed heroes and waif-like heroines. When something outside the mainstream gains popularity, mainstream comics often repackage it and get applauded for being diverse.

Walked the exhibit floor with Mary for a while, but then the convention exhaustion started coming on strong. I crashed at Alison’s hotel room for a while, raged on Twitter about the Republican National Convention, then rallied and grabbed rooftop drinks at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund welcome party.

Day 2 is about to begin, and I have booths to get to, freebies to grab, and lines to wait in. Until next time!

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