#BarcelosSnows: Why I’m Going to Win Snow Cup

Snow Cup VII logo by Dan Howland

Snow Cup is my favorite quidditch event of the year. Quidditch may still be going through it’s puberty identity crisis (is it a serious sport? a social activity? everyone’s answer is different) but Snow Cup doesn’t have that problem. If you take Snow Cup seriously, you’re doing it wrong. Snow Cup is pure fun.

That being said, winning is fun. I like winning. And if it takes hanging up my cleats and calling myself retired for the Spirit of St. Quidditch to smile upon me and finally give me a tournament win, then so be it.


Is this a bad time to mention that I liked Swiss?

I’m kicking off my Snow Cup blogging (shoutout to Chris Beesley for coming up with the #BarcelosSnows hashtag!) with some friendly smack talk for clicks and giggles. Will this come back to bite me later this weekend? Maybe, but shame is fleeting and glory is forever. Here’s why I think me and the 50 Shades of Shame are gonna win it all.


We’re gonna hero ball so hard.

Hero ball may be dead in competitive quidditch, but this is fantasy. You can only strategize so much when you’re putting together a team for just a weekend. Blunt force can get you pretty far, and I have quidditch blunt force incarnate: Dan Marovich. The only player I’ve ever seen tackle Dan when he’s going full steam ahead unfortunately had to drop, so I’m feeling pretty good about his chances to go full Juggernaut on the pitch this weekend.


Just don’t get dumb cards and break your teammate’s hand, Dan.

We’re stacked at non-male player.

Okay, maybe someone comes along that can tackle the Mountain That Rides (a Broom). He’s got passing options like Abbie Simons and Jensen Morgan. Alyssa Burton and Mollie Lensing are amazing beaters, but Sarah Kneiling is an OG Team USA beater. She’s also the high prophetess of the Spirit of St. Quidditch, and she wants you all to follow your hearts. When you do, you’ll know this to be true: this is our tournament to win.

My team is a two-day team. 

While I prefer one-day tournaments, Snow Cup is two days. Not only that, but the night between is New Year’s Eve. People go to Snow Cup to party more than they do to play, so the day two aches are inevitably going to be coupled with hangovers.

Enter: The Long Beach Funky Quaffles. This is a team that knows how to party, how to play, and how to do both at the same time. LBFQ’s Joshua Ishizaki, Jake Malloy, and Ryan Park, along with special guests Nate Western and Dan Marovich, are going to be so ready for day two.

My seeker is a goddamn demon.

You’ve probably seen him if you have any familiarity with the NorCal quidditch scene. Red horns on his head, 666 on his back, callous disregard for pain or exhaustion? Forrest Stone was an absolute steal in the 11th round. In a Snow Cup bereft of the presence of Dan Howland, you may think there’s no dominant seeker to be found. I’m looking forward to watching Forrest prove you all wrong.


Oh, and he’s a pretty good seeker blocker, too.

Have I mentioned that it’s FINALLY MY TIME?!

2015 marked my first two attempts at being a GM: Beachside and West Fantasy. I got swept both times. I was plagued by drops, I spent way too much money on players in an auction draft (which I hate), and I just didn’t know the player pool as well as other GMs.

I learned.

In 2016, I went 2-2 at Snow Cup, including a snitch range loss (I still maintain that we were robbed) to the gray team that wound up in the final. That summer, my teal team took second at Northwest Fantasy. I learned to avoid players that were drop risks. I have no drops going into this tournament. I learned that building a fantasy team isn’t the same as a regular season team.

I’m on an upward trajectory and I’m aiming for the top.

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