#BarcelosSnows: Why I Didn’t Win Snow Cup


If there was a best jersey prize, we would have won.

Last week when I wrote that I was going to win Snow Cup, it was a win/win proposition for me. Since one of my New Year’s resolutions is to post to my blog twice a week, I was going to have one last piece of #BarcelosSnows content to start the year off at a running start. You learn more from losing than winning, so while a tournament win still eludes me, I’m not hurting for content.

Let’s break down last week’s bold predictions and see just how wrong I was.

Hero ball:

I still stand by this one. If Dan Marovich can get enough of an open lane, he can charge down the field and score faster than you think someone his size could.


Hero ball worked more often than not. In no game was that more apparent than our last game against Pink, when Dan and #1 overall pick/Team USA’s Stew Driflot exchanged several hero ball goals. When Dan wasn’t in, Nate Western (my first pick) made a few heroic charges of his own.

Non-male player:

I was right about this one, too. The finals featured two of the elite non-male players I mentioned: White’s Alyssa Burton and Red’s Mollie Lensing. The third Team USA beater was my second pick, Sarah Kneiling… who had to drop with about 24 hours notice. An injury at the end of day one saw Abbie Simons make the right choice in not playing on day two because concussions are nothing to mess around with.

That being said, the team stepped up and valiantly filled those gaps. Jake and Sam were absolute savages at beater. Jensen, Katie, Kym, and Abigail dealt with my precarious juggling to maintain the appropriate amount of non-male players on the pitch, but that also meant that other male players had fewer minutes compared to them. Not a single of them complained… even if they had the right to.

Two-day team:

Yeah, I was totally right about this, too. In spite of going 1-2 on day one and 0-2 on day two, we played so much better on the second day. We had all the benefits of a second day’s worth of chemistry and cohesion and none of the New Year’s Eve induced hangover.


This was ultimately our downfall. All of our losses but one were in range, including an overtime loss. (I can’t tell you the last time I won a game in overtime. In fact, I’m pretty sure I never have.) My favorite seeking demon had an uncharacteristically poor performance, but in spite of what I wrote last week, I wasn’t depending on him to carry the weight of the yellow headband alone. I drafted several players for their seeking skills, but ultimately the tail didn’t fall in our favor.

Still waiting for my time:

Would it have been a great narrative for me to finally win a tournament after rage quitting? Oh, absolutely. But I’m clearly not ready to leave this community yet, so I still have time. Every time I’m a GM, I learn a little more about putting together a good team. #50ShadesofShame was no exception. Whether I’ve known them for years or just met them this weekend, whether they had to play ALL THE MINUTES or listened when I had to sub them out, I am proud of each and every one of these players.

Thanks for putting up with my blogging shenanigans; I’m so glad I drafted you all.


After this picture was taken, we all left to go win Snow Ball.

Final thoughts:

Fantasy quidditch is a crapshoot. The best-laid plans go awry when key players drop. Officiating can be all over the place at unofficial tournaments. There’s a certain amount of luck you need to win a fantasy tournament, and I just didn’t have it this time around.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Excuses, excuses, Barcelos. But thanks for reading them. Comment/tweet/holler at me for my hubris and inability to retire; the Spirit of St. Quidditch knows that I probably deserve it.

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