World Poetry Day 2017: As Ilhas Afortunadas

Happy World Poetry Day, everyone! Here’s one of my favorites: As Ilhas Afortunadas by Fernando Pessoa.

And here’s a quick translation (with some creative liberties on my part) for my non-Lusophone readers out there:

What voice comes in the sound of the waves,
That is not the voice of the sea?
It is the voice of someone speaking to us,
But if we listen to it, it goes quiet
Because it was overheard.

And only if, half asleep
We listen without knowing how to hear,
She whispers hope to us
At which, like a child,
We smiling at in our sleep.

They are the fortunate islands,
The lands without a place,
Where the Lost King lives, waiting.
But if we wake up,
The voice goes silent, and there is only the sea.

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