#BarcelosClothes: StitchFix Box 1 + 2

My second box from Stitch Fix was the opposite of a Rolling Stones song: exactly what I wanted, but maybe not quite what I needed.

My Second Fix

Before this Stitch Fix box shipped, I asked for another work outfit and something I could wear in Florida. My stylist delivered exactly that:

Second Box

As I tried everything on, delighted that I had a pair of pants and a pair of shorts that fit, I realized that this box presented a new challenge. The month before, the five pieces I received functioned as a capsule wardrobe. I mixed and matched them with each other before starting to pair those pieces with things I already owned. This time around, I had to push myself a little more if I wanted to get the most use out of this box.

Day 1: Professora Mixes Boxes

It would have been easy just to grab the curated outfit straight from this box and call it a day, but I wanted to mix things up a bit. I paired the top and shoes from this box with the green skinny jeans from the month before.

Between my red hair and blue and green clothes, I felt like my look was all over the place. Luckily, I had just the thing to bring it all together and make me look like I knew what I was doing.


I bought this necklace during my summer studying abroad in Portugal. It’s made from a scrap of a scarf from the traditional costume from Viana do Castelo, one of my favorite places in the north. It made me feel Professora appropriate and polished. The kids didn’t notice… but some of their moms did.

Day 2: Channeling Lois Lane

I watched Batman vs. Superman the night before I wore this outfit and it was just as terrible as everyone made it out to be. Why did I do that? To get ready for the Wonder Woman movie, of course. There were only two things from that movie that I liked: Wonder Woman being Wonder Woman and Lois Lane’s wardrobe. I have some vests hanging in my closet that haven’t gotten much use, so I paired them with some gray jeans and the floral blouse from last month and kept a lookout in the sky for my alien boyfriend.

Later that day, I swapped the menswear for something a bit more feminine for Portuguese school. Check out The Tulle Skirt Experiment if you haven’t already!

Day 3: Made in the Shade

While I was stoked to receive yet another pair of pants that fit me, I worried about being able to wear them with more than just the shirt provided. I liked the pattern and the colors but didn’t feel like mixing prints, so I decided to keep things basic.

If I would have worn the top half of that outfit with jeans and purple sneakers in college. Swapping in patterned pants and ballet flats made for an outfit that was just as comfortable but far more professional.

Vacation Interlude

This section should have been full of me wearing these shorts at Disney World and Universal. However, I’d already been to the California equivalents earlier and I knew it how exhausting theme parking could be. Since I wanted to play well (spoiler alert: I think I did), I decided to stay home and relax that week.

I had one pair of shorts that fit me well, but they’re burgundy and hard to match with other things. Getting a pair of denim shorts that fit perfectly was just the thing I needed to get through the summer.

The back of this top, on the other hand, might take some getting used to. It’s not too bad when you’re standing still, but standing still is not what I do. However, it was defintely comfortable and kept me from sweating in what little humidity we ended up having that week. Maybe it even gave me the guts to try wearing a crop top for my next wardrobe experiment.


Day 5: Happy Easter!

I swear we’re not always this awkward. This is just what happens when you want to take a picture with your boyfriend get a good shot of your outfit at the same time. It was nice to come home from Florida and not have to worry about what I was going to wear when the family got together for Easter.

Closing Thoughts:

Was it worth it this month?

Once again, I kept the whole box and got the 25% discount. However, I was happier about it this time around because I didn’t have any doubts about any of the five pieces.

Item Price
Karen Printed Straight Leg Pant $88.00
Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse $38.00
Finnegan Roll Cuff Short $58.00
Novalli Split Back Knit Top $48.00
Winny Scalloped Edge Flat $79.00
Subtotal $311.00
Buy 5 discount: 25% ‑$77.75
Sales tax $20.41
Styling fee: purchase credit ‑$20.00
Order total $233.66

If all I got were pants and bottoms that fit me, this subscription would be worth it for that alone. Last month’s olive green skinny jeans have become a wardrobe staple. This month’s denim shorts are going to get me through the summer. While the print pants aren’t quite as versatile, they’re still a great fit and the excuse I’ve been looking for to help me learn how to mix prints.


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