#BarcelosClothes: Third Time’s Not So Charming

As great as my first two Stitch Fix boxes were, I guess my streak couldn’t keep going forever. I got some duds this time around. But was it enough to make me give up my mailbox makeovers?

Box #3: First Impressions

I wasn’t too specific in my stylist this month, except that I was hoping to get some colored denim and maybe a bag for work that was big enough for my laptop. So naturally, I was pretty stoked when I got a pair of jeans in my favorite color, some tops that were picked out to match, and an effortless dress.

On first glance, I was unimpressed by the gray top, okay with the black shirt, and excited for the peach patterned blouse. (Or is it Millennial Pink?) These prints reminded me of things I’d added to my Pinterest board, which made me feel like my stylist was really paying attention to me. Then, I found out that she reads my blog!

First, the duds


I rrrrreally wanted to like this. I was excited by the colors and pattern when I pulled it out of the box. I even liked the cutouts around the neck. It did the job of a necklace without being a necklace.

But… the sleeves. They were strangely open, making this not quite a t-shirt and not quite a tank top. It looked better with a blazer covering them (though I forgot to take a photo of that, oops) but I was still on the fence. If I had loved everything else, I could have kept it. But then I tried on the dress…


I like a nice floral print. I like a dress that you can just throw on and instantly look put together. This dress, however, was neither of those things for me. The colors were a bit drab, but what made me instantly hate this dress was the fit. I felt like I was wearing a sack of flour. I like loose fitting things, but only when they’re paired with something form fitting. Skinny jeans and a flowing blouse? Great. A flowing skirt with a form fitting top? Also great. But this was loose all over and made me feel self consciously wide.

So, it was back into the return envelope for them both.

Day 1: Let’s Dance, Purple Pants


This outfit was easy to put together. Switch the green pants from my first ever box for purple and boom, new outfit. I never expected to get so much use out of this floral blouse, but I love it with these pants. It made the pink flowers on my top pop.

Day 2: Professora Hipstercelos

I was worried that this lace + this print would equal grandma, but instead it worked surprisingly well. Without the lace and extra V of fabric, my cleavage would have been at Hot For Teacher levels. Instead, I paired it with ankle boots and a cardigan and looked (almost) too cool for Portuguese school.

Day 3: Cool Girl Aesthetic

Not So Cool Girl Aesthetic

If you know how long it’s been since I changed my Facebook profile photo, then you know how long I have been sitting on the unfinished draft of this blog post. (Oops.)

Anyway, I have strong feelings about leggings. Two strong feelings, to be exact. One: leggings are hella comfy. Two: leggings are not pants. So, as much as I love to lounge around the house in them or play quidditch in them, leggings have not made an appearance in my professional wardrobe.

Until now. Because this gray top is more of a tunic length in the back, it (literally) covered my ass. Being able to wear leggings to work and tapping into that Cool Girl Aesthetic? Yes.

Day 4: Baby’s First Big Girl Bag


Okay, by now you should know that I liked this blouse and I liked these pants separately, so of course I liked them together as they were meant to be.

Call me a filthy materialist, but I was thisclose to writing a blog post just about this purse. Why? Well, it’s the first Big Girl Purse I’ve ever bought with money earned from a Big Girl Job. As much as I love my Out of Print tote bags, I was looking for a more professional looking bag to go with my increasingly professional wardrobe. I wanted something that could carry my laptop and miscellaneous writer’s paraphernalia—notebook(s), pens, chargers, paperback, etc—while still looking cute and putting up with being dragged around day in and day out.

So I stalked the Kate Spade sale section, waited for the price to drop, then pounced on it when I got an extra coupon code. A 300ish dollar bag (yikes!) for a little over 100 bucks.

Bonus: the side panel of this satchel matches my purple pants perfectly.

Day 5: Incorporating an Impulse

In Vest Ed in Beers
One thing I’ve liked about trying to fit new pieces into my everyday wardrobe is that it’s also pushed me to use things I bought on a whim and didn’t know how to wear. Case in point: this cardigan-vest thing I got at Target this winter. (I have a serious Target impulse buy problem.)

This outfit went from work to SJSU’s Beers Around the World Tour, easy bridging the gap from Young Creative Professional to Pretentious Beer Snob.

Closing Thoughts:

Was it worth it this month?

I only kept three out of five things this month.

Item Price
Adorra Skinny Jean $88.00
Matchett Lace Inset Detail Blouse $54.00
Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee $38.00
Subtotal $180.00
Sales tax $16.66
Styling fee: purchase credit ‑$20.00
Order total $176.66

I probably would have been kept the top I was on the fence about and paired it with my blazer or a cardigan to make it wearable, but keeping four pieces was more expensive than keeping five and there was no way I was keeping that dress. So, I saved myself some money this month. But how did this stack up to the past three months?

Three-month breakdown

First month: 3 loves (+2 okays), spent $232.85, which means pieces I loved/liked cost about 46 dollars. But if we’re just counting things I loved, then they cost 77 bucks each.

Second month: I loved all five pieces and spent $233.66, which means I spent about 46 bucks on pieces I loved.

Third month: I loved three things and sent the rest back, which means I spent 58 dollars apiece on things I love.

Of course, not all pieces are created equal or used equally. I get a lot more use out of the blazer and all of the pants I’ve received. While I spent a bit more per piece this month, this subscription will keep being worth it for me as long as it continues to save me the agony of shopping for pants. I could tell that my stylist tried her best; it just didn’t work out this month.

PS: If you’re enjoying these posts enough to sign up for your own Stitch Fix, using my referral link means I get $25 towards my next box. 

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