Guest Post: Cal Quidditch 2016-2017 Year in Review

Scene: Argonauts Thursday Night Practice

MANAGER Barcelos, chatting with CHASER COACH Oelze, mentions the Year in Review that ROOKIE Ardin Lo wrote about his college squad, Cal Quidditch.

ROOKIE: Hey Liz, can you share it on Barcelos Knows?

MANAGER: Are you kidding? You wrote about me as a player. That’s never happened before. Of course I will.

ROOKIE: Yes! We finally made it.

I am still glowing about A) being mentioned as a defensive player and B) my blog being described as “making it.” If SJSU wasn’t first and foremost in my heart, Cal Quidditch would have a pretty good shot at being my favorite college team.  They play good quidditch, help their captain win his first of many elections (I expect to #ChooseHughes for president someday), forgive me for my rare blowups that aren’t really their fault, always properly credit the use of my photos, and stay off Quidsecrets even when other people write about them. Their resurgence gives me hope that a good recruiting year kickstart a similar renaissance at my alma mater.

Anyway, enough maternal gushing. Read about Cal Quidditch’s amazing season here. I’m so glad that they documented it. The internet is forever, after all. College teams sharing stories like this is so important. They’re the best marketing that quidditch has and we need that to keep this sport growing.

For all other mentions of Cal Quidditch on my blog, click here.


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