Stitch Fix #4: Barcelos Knows What She Likes—and What She Doesn’t

You know that feeling when you love how something looks on the hanger but then cringe when you try it on? I had the Stitch Fix version of that with my fourth box.

The box

I asked for more colored denim and a bag I could use for work that could fit my laptop. When I got that and more pops of color, I was excited!

But first, the returns


I wanted to love this dress. I love the colors. I love florals. I love the details around the collar. Unfortunately, this dress just didn’t work for my body shape. It wound up too short on the bottom and oddly baggy on top.


It was something I wanted to love, which is not the same as actually loving it. It looked best with my blazer from my first box over it but I’m not looking for something that needs a crutch for me to feel comfortable in it.


This top was a case of something that looked better on the hanger than on me. Or in this case, on my Pinterest board. I like flowy tops but this one looked boxy on me. I already received a cobalt blue top in a previous box that I like far more.


As for the purse, I’m not a tote bag person. The color was great but I like more of a satchel or messenger bag shape. I appreciate that my stylist tried to find something that could fit my laptop. Ultimately, this felt more like a Mom Purse and I am not in that phase of my life just yet.

This left me with only the teal jeans and the black top. But as disappointing as the three things I sent back were, these two pieces became real workhorses.

Barcelos chaperones


I spent the weekend after I got this box chaperoning my brother’s Model UN class and I wanted to wear something easy but that wouldn’t make me look like a high school girl. I paired the teal jeans with the soft gray top I got in my previous box and a jean jacket for a look that says, “I’m not a regular chaperone; I’m a cool chaperone.”

Stay (blue and) gold


See, I told you that I already had a cobalt blue top that I liked. That box’s blouse and ballet flats paired with gold necklaces and a mustard yellow cardigan I thought was only good for autumn came together for an easy outfit that still makes me look like I have my shit together. I’ve always liked the pairing of blue and gold. It makes me think of the Azores and my alma mater.

Suitable separates

Since I only kept two things this time around, now’s as good a time as any to check in on my previous boxes. I’m still getting so much use out of the navy blue blazer and olive green pants I got in my first Stitch Fix. I’m used to thinking of black, gray, and brown as neutrals that can anchor an outfit, but this blazer and pants combo gets used over with different tops. Men pair the same suit with different shirts and ties to get a new look, and these two pieces have come to serve the same purpose in my wardrobe.

Casual weekend

I may be trying to adultify my wardrobe, but you will take my dozen or so (I really need to count) pairs of Converse from my cold dead feet. Having a work top that works just as well on the weekend is great because I’d like to pare down my wardrobe some more. In spite of my pre-moving purge, I still monopolize the closet space in our apartment and that needs to change.

Keeping it teal

I’m getting more and more used to picking one or two statement pieces out and pairing them with workhorses. Case in point: my chambray shirt (last seen in the Tulle Skirt Experiment) and blazer of eternal versatility anchor help tone down my teal pants, shoes, and hair. I love bright colors and I refuse to give them up.

Purple pants return

As much as I love bright colors, trying to put together outfits when your hair is also bright can be a challenge sometimes. This box’s black blouse and my last box’s purple pants were an easy pairing along with black ballet flats and a flowing black kimono-ish cardigan. (Tangentially related: I’ve started wearing makeup recently and I am really happy with how it came out that day!)

Monochromatic blues

I really went out of my way to prove to myself that the first cobalt blue blouse I got was way better than this month’s iteration, didn’t I? If black + one pop of color is one way to put together an outfit that doesn’t clash with my teal hair, then going full on monochromatic is another, equally good option.

Was it worth it?

While I’m glad I stick to my plan of only keeping things I loved, it still made for a bit of sticker shock.

Item Price
Liza Colored Skinny Jean $98.00
Joel Lace Trim Blouse $48.00
Subtotal $146.00
Sales tax $13.51
Styling fee: purchase credit ‑$20.00
Order total $139.51

Rounding up to a $140 total, that makes for two pieces I love and get a lot of use out of… for 70 bucks each. In previous months, keeping more meant spending a little more, but hovering around a $50 price per piece. As much as I like being surprised, maybe being a little more specific in what I’m looking for will help me get more mang for my buck. I’ve been going at this for a few months now and I have a much stronger grasp on what I’d like my style to be. (Spoiler alert: I did that for Box 5 and it worked!)

Thanks again for keeping up with my mailbox makeovers. If I’ve piqued your interest about Stitch Fix, go ahead and use my referral link so you can help subsidize my blogging and shopping habits!

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