Stitch Fix #6 + #7: A Tale of Two Boxes

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for over half a year now. But in that time, I think I can say that this series doesn’t belong in Barcelos Doesn’t Know anymore. I now know what I like, what’s work appropriate, and how to admit when something isn’t working.

Box #6: You tried

Box 6

When I opened this box in July (yep, that’s how behind I am), I was excited. Yay colors! Yay ballet flats! Yay crossbody bag! These were things that I asked for. My usual stylist was on vacation but her replacement seemed to get me.

Then I tried things on.

Box 6

I remembered how uncomfortable I am in dresses and tops that I can’t wear a regular bra with. I can’t do the strapless bra thing—they always fall or I’m always worried about them falling.

Then the shorts were too tight and I don’t like distressed jeans anyway. I’d rather break them in myself.

I kept the bag and the shoes, but since a bag and shoes really aren’t enough material for a blog post, I held off until my next box came in August.

Box #7: Much better

My old stylist was back and I could tell. I asked for this August box to be something I could use as we headed into autumn and she delivered. This reminded me a lot of my first box in that there were five pieces that all worked really well together but could still do their own thing. More importantly, they all fit. For the first time in months, I kept everything.

Day 1: A night on the town

A moment of silence for the last sighting of this yellow cardigan. The sunscreen had already exploded on it and stained the back, but I wanted to recreate this outfit from before it was ruined. This is what I wore when hung out in West Hollywood after the Guardians vs. Argonauts series. I returned the dress and swore off of dresses with teeny tiny straps shortly after. I wore that cardigan as a crutch to cover up that strappiness. The fact that it matched my purse was a bonus.

Day 2: Brunch, please!

Please ignore the ridiculousness of my post-bottomless mimosa brunch face.

I bought this dress because I loved that it fit like a t-shirt on top but flared out on the bottom. It’s flattering and comfy. But I always struggled with what shoes to wear with it. My usual black ballet flats seemed too severe. But since these shoes aren’t quite silver and aren’t quite gold, they mesh well with the gray and yellow. Problem solved!

Day 3: I’m a cool mom, I guess

Pardon the background; I took this in my hotel room during the MLQ championships. The shorts are from the box I got in April and I’ve had the Converse for years. It was 90+ degrees and more than 90% humidity that day, but this blouse kept me cool while I was wrangling players, doing airport runs, and sweating the fact that I’d been accidentally overcharged for the hotel.

Day 4: Back to work

This was taken on my second day at the Town Crier and two days after getting back from Texas. I was still recovering from the weekend and I liked that the gold, green, and navy looked kinda sorta maybe Argonaut colored. I was still trying to navigate my new job so it was nice to channel the aesthetic of my summer labor of love.

Day 5: Out to dinner

I really like this dress because it’s cool enough for a Bay Area September/October — it’s supposed to hit 83 degrees the day this post goes live — but it still looks like an autumn dress. Cardigans make like a work dress, but my jean jacket made it into more of a going out dress.

Day 6: New yellow cardigan, who this?

Yes, it goes with the shoes. And my dress. But it’s not as cool as my old one and I still miss it.

Day 7: One outfit, four boxes

My blazer, jeans, ballet flats, and blouse all come from different boxes and that’s a testament to the great job my stylist has been doing. These are things that went well with the boxes they came in, but they also play nice with each other.

Day 9: One small change

I finally broke out the navy slacks that had come in the box. I paired it with a mint green blouse and teal cardigan that I’d gotten on sale from Modcloth. But the problem with online shopping is that you don’t always know what things will look like on you. In this case, the cropped length of the cardigan and the extra long blouse made my torso look a little wonky. So, I did something that I’ve been scared of doing since I gained weight: I tucked in my shirt.

And it made a world of difference! Instead of drawing attention to my midsection like I thought it would, it evened out my proportions.

Day 10: Darker days

My long days are showing on my face. If I’m not covering a school board meeting, I’m going to Portuguese school or to practice. I picked up this burgundy cardigan when I got the yellow one because they were both on sale at Old Navy. It goes just as well with this dress.

Day 11: Mixing it up

Look at me, mixing prints like it’s no big deal. Quite the change from when I used to try and mix stripes and fail miserably at it.

Was it worth it?

No matter how many cute outfits I put together, this is the only question that matters. Let’s look at the numbers.

July 2017:

Item Price
Diana Clutch $38.00
Brylee Faux Leather Lace Up Flat $50.00
Subtotal $88.00
Sales tax $8.15
Styling fee: purchase credit ‑$20.00
Order total $76.15

August 2017:

Item Price
Sabana Laser Cut Ballet Flat $89.00
Evander Dress $68.00
Meryl Split Neck Blouse $58.00
Kensington Embroidered Blouse $58.00
Brianna Skinny Pant $88.00
Subtotal $361.00
Buy 5 discount: 25% ‑$90.25
Sales tax $25.04
Order total $295.79

I’m going to bundle these two boxes together since they feel like more like one big box instead of two separate ones. That makes for a total of $371.94, or about $53.15 per piece. That feels like a reasonable value for seven things I get a lot of use out of. (Yes, even the purse. I’ve used it quite a bit, even if I didn’t remember to take photos.)

On the other hand, I can’t keep dropping $200ish every month on clothes even when I love them all. So, I skipped September and asked for my next box to come in October. I might move to an every other month plan going forward.

If you’ve enjoyed following me as clothes have gone from a thing I didn’t know to something Barcelos Knows, you can always sign up for Stitch Fix yourself and use my referral link to save me a little shopping money next time around.

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