Adventures in JournaLIZm: October 11, 2017

Nothing makes me quite as happy as when someone tells me they read my blog. But when they help me with it? My heart basically bursts with joy. I’ve been struggling with what to call my weekly roundups of my writing for the Town Crier for a little while now, waiting for a better thing to call them.

At Monday’s SJSU practice, I was having some Real Talk with the team about what it would take to qualify, including a shameless plug of West Coast Bias because teams like Utah State and NAU are the teams we need to beat if the Spartans want to qualify for US Quidditch at regionals instead of hoping for an at-large bid.

I also mentioned my difficulty in trying to find a clever title for this series when one of our chasers, Mike, came up with something so simple that I’m shocked I hadn’t thought of it myself. “You should call it journaLIZm,” he said.

So I did.


Okay, this article about the Los Altos School District and the City of Mountain View looking at their options for getting land for a new school may seem pretty dry if you’re not living in the thick of this ever developing story about the local elementary schools. Consider it a continuation of my front page article from last week. This search for a 10th school site is something that started long before I got here and is something I’m going to be writing about for the foreseeable future.


I got to make a literary reference in the lede of this story. I love having an English degree. (And yes, that is how you spell lede in this instance.) Maybe someday I’ll be a big deal journalist for covering the next big thing that replaced the Internet as we know it. But as with so many things out to disrupt the status quo, I’m taking a wait and see approach to this.

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