Stitch Fix #8 + #9: Last Boxes Ever?!

Pardon the shameless clickbait. Or don’t, whatever. You’re here, which mean you clicked, so it worked, right? Anyway, because I am once again terribly behind on these updates, I’m combining my last two boxes into one post. Let’s go.

Box 8: A mixed bag. Box. Whatever.

In September, I asked for colored cords, ankle high boots, and pieces to transition into autumn.  I love deep jewel tones for fall, so I was excited to see the colors inside my box. I’m also a fan of embroidery, so while I side-eyed the ruffly details of the striped shirt inside, my instincts have been wrong before.

Not this time, though. Behold, the eldritch horror.

Okay, what actually happened is that the stripes, my mirror, and my phone camera didn’t know how to play nice. Maybe. All I know is that it made me look fat in a new alien geometry and I was not about it.

Moving on to the rest of the pieces, I loved the cords (surprise, Liz likes colored pants) and the blouse. I wanted to like the shirtdress—there were several on my Pinterest board—but I was unenthused. I think need more structure in my clothes. A flimsy waist belt is not gonna cut it. It got sent back, but sometimes I wish I had kept it. Ah well.

As for the shoes, I liked them… because they were very familiar.


I’ve had the pair on the right for years and I don’t feel like replacing them, so the boots got sent back with the blouse and dress.

Box 9: Close, but not quite

In an effort not to drop 200 bucks a month on clothes, I switched to an every other month schedule. This was my November box.

It was another one I was excited to open because cozy is my comfort zone. I am always ready for sweater weather. I asked for ankle boots that weren’t black and a corduroy or denim skirt because those outfits are all over my Pinterest. (I purged a denim skirt I’d been holding on to for years back in January and I regret it.) My stylist couldn’t find a skirt in my size in the materials I wanted, but she tried with the black/white/gray one she sent instead.


I loved the color of the sweater but it made me look H U G E. (I think my expression says it all.) There’s being cozy and then there’s just being overwhelmed. The skirt was okay—but I kept thinking about how it wasn’t what I actually wanted.

But this box wasn’t all bad. The boots were a great follow up after last month’s pair were too similar to a pair that I already owned. The flannel shirt, which my stylist recommended pairing with my green pants from my first box, was a vast improvement. However, it felt something I would have picked out for myself. I already have a handful of plaid flannel shirts that I like.

The denim shirt, on the other hand, was an instant keeper. You may have seen a similar shirt that I already have when I used it for the Tulle Skirt Experiment, but the relatively thin material makes it more of a spring/summer shirt. This one was made of sturdier stuff, making it a great piece for the colder months.

Between two boxes, I’d only kept four things. Was I becoming pickier? More disciplined? Bad at asking for things? I wasn’t sure.

Day 1: Low key Ravenclaw

I could have just worn the blouse and corduroy pants from my September box, but that would have been too easy. It was still warm enough in September for bare feet, so I grabbed the blouse and shoes from my second box, threw on my Ravenclaw hoodie, and luxuriated in jewel tones all day.

Day 2: Beanie Season

No, these are not the pants from my box. These aren’t cords and they’re more of a burnt orange. Totally different. I love that this is an inversion of my old fallback outfit of Converse, jeans, and a t-shirt. This time the denim is on top and the color is on the bottom and I really like how versatile that can be.

Day 3: Sweater Weather

Why yes, that is another pair of Converse. I built this outfit around the shades of blue and red in the Fair Isle pattern of this sweater. It’s not just navy and red. It’s burgundy and sky blue and cerulean and white. The pants from the November box and the jeans made for a cohesive outfit than if I had paired the sweater with jeans, which is what did when I bought it last year.

Day 4: San Francisco trip, pt. 1

We went to San Francisco for the weekend to celebrate Lou graduating law school. SF is usually at least 10 degrees colder than San Jose—except when it isn’t. To fight the capriciousness of the weather, I always layer. I wore the boots and denim shirt with another pair of cords I already owned, this time in navy blue. To keep from looking as gray and gloomy as Karl the Fog, I added a colorful typewriter scarf from Out of Print.

Day 5: San Francisco trip, pt. 2

For day two in San Francisco, it kept the layering + OoP theme going. I brought back the burgundy cords and boots, but this time I wore a plaid button-down—that you can hardly see, my bad—under my Out of Print Hamlet sweater… which they no longer carry. I guess that you could say it’s… out of print.

I’m terrible, I know.

Oh, and I wore my favorite bird+bead earrings all weekend. (They’re hard to see in the collage above.) Megan really gets my rocks on hooks aesthetic. Support your local (or not so local) creators, friends!

Day 6: Feeling Festive

It might be winter, but these springtime pants are back! I got my shirt at this year’s Christmas in the Park, one of my favorite San Jose traditions. You can see the artwork better below. The shirt was designed by Genevieve Santos, one of my favorite San Jose artists. As soon as I bought it, I knew it’d be great with my gray boots and teal pants.

Day 7: Straight out of the box

I absolutely love the blazer from my first box. Putting it on over anything makes me looked polished and ready to go, as in the case here, with 3/4 of the things I kept from my last two boxes. I’d really like to get this blazer or something like it on other colors. Navy goes with a lot of things, but not everything.

Day 8: Box knockoff

See, I told you I owned plenty of plaid shirts. I could have swapped the flannel shirt that arrived in my November fix with this red and blue one and still looked just as good, but I felt better about this because I got to shop my closet instead of depending on someone else.

The eternal question: was it worth it?


Item Price
Hampton Skinny Corduroy $68.00
Watkins Embroidered Blouse $58.00
Subtotal $126.00
Sales tax $11.66
Styling fee: purchase credit ‑$20.00
Order total $117.66


Item Price
Alanis Button Front Top $88.00
Rowena Suede Bootie $119.00
Subtotal $207.00
Sales tax $19.15
Order total $226.15

I always try things on before looking at the price because I’ve had a lifelong problem of keeping things because I felt like they were a good deal. Still, that didn’t keep me from cringing when November’s two items were the cost of some of my earlier boxes. $113 per piece is a pretty high investment for me, but the boots and shirt are both pieces I know I’ll use for a long time.

On the other hand, counting these two boxes as one brings the average down to about $85 per piece. Still pricey, but I’m going to lose count of how often I use some of these pieces. (I’m wearing the pants and boots in yet another outfit as I type this.)

But if I’m keeping fewer and fewer things… do I need this service anymore? What’s keeping me from shopping for ankle boots or corduroy skirts myself?

With that in mind, I nearly canceled my subscription. After hovering over the link to end my subscription for a few minutes, I decided to cut my subscription down to one box every three months. Enough to try something new every season, but not so much that my clothing budget gets out of control.

As per my usual summary spiel, if reading about my attempts to dress better has inspired you to try this service out for yourself, do me a solid and use my referral link. You get someone else to shop for you, I get $25 to spend on my shopping habit. Everyone wins!


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