Beauty Box Battle: December 2017

I might be taking a break from getting wardrobe makeovers from my mailman (yes, he is a man — and a curmudgeon at that) but that doesn’t mean I won’t be getting mailbox makeovers anymore. I’ve been kicking this idea around for a while but I decided to pull the trigger in time for the new year.

Presenting my latest series: Beauty Box Battle!

Battle Breakdown:

I’ve been an Ipsy subscriber for about a year and a half and a Birchbox subscriber since March. Both are $10/month subscriptions that send you five samples (though you’ll get full items from time to time) of beauty bits per month. Ipsy is more makeup-focused while Birchbox usually has more hair and skincare items. Both services quiz you on your wants and needs to help put together your monthly goodies, but I’ve found that personalization really kicks in over time as you review the items you receive.

A lot of the beauty bloggers and YouTubers I follow will do a box opening/first impressions and then you’ll never see these things again. I know that I’ve been excited to receive some things (and bummed to get others) only to really like them after getting to know and use them over time.

So, this post will be my hot takes. When January’s boxes arrive, I’ll check back in to update my thoughts before diving into January’s deliveries.




Packaging: 💄💄💄💄💄

Such a cute box! This one won’t be banished into hidden storage in a drawer. It’ll likely end up on my nightstand or with my jewelry. It’s too pretty to hide and it’s festive without being OMG CHRISTMAS!

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum: 💄💄💄

Birchbox lets you pick one of your five samples and this was my choice. I’ve heard a lot about this brand (spoiler alert: it’s expensive) and I know that Vitamin C can help boost collagen to stave off wrinkles. However, at 5 ml, this sample is so small that I’m worried that one of two things will happen. I’ll either a) hoard it and not use enough per application to get anything out of it or b) use it up so quickly that I won’t know if it had any effect. 

Clark’s Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask: 💄💄💄💄

My skin really dries out in the winter, so I’m happy to get anything with moisture in the name during this time of year.

Whish Botanical Primer: 💄💄

I don’t really wear foundation or base products; I’m usually fine with just some concealer. That means I’m not really a primer person. But hey, this is supposed to be moisturizing, too? We’ll see.

Beauty Protector Protect & Volume Spray: 💄💄💄

I don’t mess much with my hair (shampoo, conditioner, air dry, and maybe dry shampoo on day 3) now that it’s not dyed. However, I used the detangler from the brand a lot when it was long and damaged from constantly being dyed so this might be nice for the days my hair is extra flat.


Marcelle Ultimate Volume Nano Mascara: 💄💄

Ugh, mascara. I have more mascara than I will probably ever need. I’m not a fan of volumizing formulas, either… but that is an interesting applicator. It’s so tiny! If nothing else, it’ll be a fun experiment.

Christmas Bonus! Eyelash curler: 💄💄💄

Okay, so eyelash curlers actually terrify me. I don’t need an instrument of medieval torture that close to my eyeball, thanks. But hey, a bonus is a bonus and maybe I’ll learn how to use this without putting my eye out?



Packaging: 💄💄💄

Not the worst bag, but not exciting, either. 

Luxie Beauty Precision Shader Onyx Brush 239: 💄💄💄💄💄

always love getting makeup brushes, especially eye brushes. Those are the ones I use the most (I’m a sucker for eyeshadow) and the more I have, the longer I can put off cleaning them!

NIP+FAB Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Serum: 💄💄💄💄

20 ml? That’s more like it! I’ll swap this into my morning routine when I get back from Utah.

TONYMOLY The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Cream: 💄💄💄

Whooo boy, that’s a mouthful of a name. I’m about to run out of the moisturizer I use in the morning so this will tide me over until I can replace it. I’m not excited to buy it, but I could be wrong.

img_4290NYX Faux Blacks in Black Olive: 💄💄💄💄💄

Yessssss, eyeliner that isn’t black! I find black to be too intense and intimidating—though I do use it from time to time to tightline my upper eyelid to make my lashes look fuller. Colored liner, on the other hand, is great from when I want to wear something on my eyes but I’m feeling lazy. I’ve seen the Faux Blacks line around so I’m stoked to test it.

City Color Cosmetics Shimmer Shadow in It’s A Girl: 💄💄

I know I just said that I love eyeshadow, but this is a huge pan for something that will likely be used sparingly. But it’s good for the holidays, so I’ll push myself to use this for the parties coming up.


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