Coming up this week… (and a brief SF interlude)

It’s 2018 and already the score is Barcelos 0, Perfectionism 1. In spite of my best efforts, I couldn’t quite get my second blog post for last week into a state I considered for public consumption.

But if you follow me on twitter, you knew that already.


I was getting my hair out of my face but it turned into a jewelry ad. Oops.

Save me, San Francisco

Instead, I absconded off to San Francisco with my favorite Canadian and purveyor of my current earring addiction, Megan Stacey of bird + bead. Oh look, there’s this week’s Shameless Friend Promotion!

Considering that I live so close to the city (and that I manage a team that nominally calls San Francisco home), you’d think that I would spend more time up there. But no, I am firmly ensconced in San Jose and the South Bay.

I loved playing tour guide and for once, the weather behaved itself. Instead of Karl the Fog making the west side of the city a gray, damp misery, we got to Lands End and basked in this magnificent weather and view:

Land's End

There was also brunch and tiki drinks and coffee and shopping, but really I just came away from the day hating San Francisco a little less and happy that I got to spend time with a long distance friend.

I do have two posts and started and planned, so let’s see if I can actually make them happen this time around. I have an accidental theme again this week. Instead of sportsball, however, it’s style. My next Beauty Box Battle will be going up (assuming my late Ipsy bag comes in, tsk tsk) along with my 2017 Year in Review: Style. Or Fashion. Or something about that. I wrote about clothes and stuff last year enough last year that it’s worth looking back on.

Whether you’re enjoying a long weekend or it’s back on the grind on Monday, I hope you have a great week ahead. Cheers!






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