Shameless Filler with Jimmy

In typical Barcelos fashion, I can pump out the shameless materialism and recaps of old posts just fine. But the hard-hitting stuff? Not so easy to get that done to my standards.

However, because I know myself, I’ve been banking evergreen content for these occasions.  This time around, you get to learn a little more about me from the person who Knows Barcelos best.

Prompt: WITHOUT ANY prompting, ask your boyfriend these questions and write down EXACTLY what they say.

Why yes, I did rip off a meme I saw floating around on Facebook. Sometimes he’s spot on. Sometimes he’s a little off. Sometimes I’m surprised. I let you guys guess which answers are which.

1. What is something your girlfriend always says to you?

Aside from “I love you?” “Gross.” But in a good way! Or maybe “You’re so weird.”

2. What makes her happy?

Lavender, crispy potatoes, seafood, period dramas, and also period humor.

3. What makes her sad?

Trump. The housing market.

4. How does your girlfriend make you laugh?

Period humor.

5. What was your girlfriend like as a child?

All three of you (he’s talking about me and my siblings) were pretty alpha, weren’t you? Or maybe nerdy introverted.

6. How old is your girlfriend?


7. How tall is your girlfriend?


8. What is her favorite thing to do?

Work? You enjoy having and pursuing goals.

9. What does she do when you’re not around?

(He chuckled first.) Quidditch.

10. If your girlfriend becomes famous, what will it be for?

Probably writing. You had a thing go viral once.

11. What is your girlfriend really good at?

You’re a great writer. Also trivia. You have great organizational skills. People organization.

12. What is your girlfriend not very good at?

Putting your shoes away. Cooking. I wouldn’t say that you’re not good, just inexperienced.

13. What does your girlfriend do for a job?


14.What is your girlfriend’s favorite food?

Queijo São Jorge. I already said crispy potatoes and seafood? Oh, and runny eggs.

15.What makes you proud of her?

Tenacity and being a good person.

16. If your girlfriend were a character, who would she be?

I’m tempted to say Hermione.

17. What do you and your girlfriend do together?

Watch TV? It sounds boring but it’s nice. We do a lot of commiserating, too.

18. How are you and your girlfriend the same?

We hate charter schools. We’re nerds, we’re into trivia, we love Jeopardy.

19. How are you and your girlfriend different?

We’re different religiously and a bit politically, but probably not in the ways that people would predict.

20. How do you know she loves you?

She says it. But she also does it.

21. What does your girlfriend like most about you?

My butt. And that I’m a good person.

22. Where is her favorite place to go?

I have 3, 4 answers? Portugal or Azores. Santa Cruz? Wherever your nieces are.

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