2018 Resolution Update: March

Another month, another resolution check in! As long as January felt, February flew by. Have I been keeping up?

Resolution #1: Do fewer things, better

I’m not saying I dropped dead from trying to hack it with two teams this weekend… but I’m not saying that didn’t happen, either. Next week, I’ll know which of my two teams (or both, or neither) will get their hands on an at-large bid.

But MLQ stuff is already happening behind the scenes, so I’m really trying to balance three teams right now. Yikes.

Let’s call this a fail working towards being better. No matter what happens next week, my two-team life is effectively over.

Resolution #2: Keep a regular workout schedule

I’ve been shooting for twice a week. Sometimes I even make it three times. Then there’s been weeks where I skipped the gym entirely because I had too much going on.

But numbers don’t lie. As of last Christmas, I’ve dropped 15 pounds.

Let’s call this one a win, shall we?

Resolution #3: Try to focus on the positive

Well, since I got provoked into an angry rant last week, we all know this one’s a bust. I am still trying, but you know what? You don’t have to be positive all the time. There is something cathartic and liberating about letting someone have it or letting go of something you’ve been burying for longer than you’ve cared to admit.

Then you move on and get better. So I’m going to focus on doing just that.

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