Stitch Fix Review #10: Anything You Can Style, I Can Style Better

If you thought my crankiness with my Birchbox this month was funny, then you are in for a treat. My April Stitch Fix wasn’t quite the birthday gift I was expecting.

Box #10… or is it?

Okay, I have a confession. This is actually my 12th box. I snuck one in for Christmas and snagged a scarf and a sweater. Then I got one in… March? February? Anyway, I hated it all and sent it packing. Didn’t even want to blog about it.

But this time around? I was so unenthused that I didn’t do the usual layout of my box for a blog photo. I had to send everything back ASAP because I was off to Texas. So, check out these cards instead.


What I asked for: a dress for my birthday, colored shorts, a bomber jacket, and shirts that I could dress up or down. On the surface, it looks like I got what I asked for. My stylist even knew I liked polka dots.

But then I tried things on.

The good:


I loved the yellow shorts. These are size 10 and while they’re a bit snug, my size 12 shorts and falling off so I wanted to size down. The black bomber jacket was also what I wanted: a light layer for the spring and summer. However, the +$50 price tag did seem like a bit much for what it was.

The meh:


I didn’t hate this polka dot dress, but it suffered from a few things that had made me send dresses back before: being held up by skimpy strings and a lack of structure in general. A tie around the waist just isn’t enough structure for me.


The floral was another meh pick. I loved the colors and the pattern, but I’m not thrilled with anything I can’t wear a normal bra with. I might have kept it if it was part of a stellar box, but it just wasn’t.


The ugly:


UGH. RUFFLES. I despise them. I’m a grown-ass 33-year-old woman, not a toddler. The front of this blouse looked bad enough on the card, but the back made me feel like I was wearing a tablecloth. No, thank you.


I could have sworn that I’d mentioned my hatred of ruffles and aversion to tops and dresses I can’t wear with a regular bra to my stylist before. It turns out that I have, but I just have a new stylist. I started with Anna but she became Sasha in the past year.

If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself

Everything but the shorts immediately got chucked into the return bag. I decided to spend the money I would have used on this box to buy what I actually wanted. Once upon a time, I depended on these boxes to help me figure out my style. But now I know what I like, so I guess I gotta go handle my own business.

Bomber on a budget

I wasn’t ready to drop more than $50 bucks (the receipt is lost and my memory is bad) on a bomber jacket, so I reluctantly returned it with the other rejects. However, fate intervened when I was helping Jim shop for work clothes: this $20 dollar bomber jacket at Uniqlo!


It ticks off my desire for a spring/summer layer that isn’t my jean jacket, and it’s in a color I like better to boot. Best of all, it saved me $30 bucks!

Keep it simple, stupid

I wanted a simple blouse I could wear with lots of things. Instead, I got a ruffled monstrosity. So went out and grabbed a simple blouse in the simplest of colors: black and white.

Black ShirtWhite Shirt

The best part? Both of these tops together are cheaper than the $50ish ruffled monstrosity was by itself.

Florals, for spring? Groundbreaking

I’m sorry, Miranda, but I’ll wear florals all damn year. Another Target find (their basic tees can be as cheap as 5-10 bucks depending on what sale is going on) went to Texas with me:

Floral shirt

Are the boxes still worth the bother?

Yes? I like the surprise. Stitch Fix also had an offer earlier this year where you could drop $50 bucks and for unlimited boxes. Plus, you’d get those $50 in credit on your purchases. That’s why I got that disappointing box earlier this year.

That money eventually went to the yellow shorts, but I’m not exactly excited for another box in a few months. Maybe I’ll be wowed and change my mind, but if I’m not, then I think this makeover by mail experiment has come to its end. I know what I like and what I don’t, and that’s not something I could say about my personal style last year.

Besides, I have more than enough clothes. If anything, it’s time for a more aggressive purge than the purely emotional one I went through right before I moved in. Stay tuned!


  1. My whole reader is people dragging Stitch Fix and it’s glorious, haha.
    I’m hunting for a bomber jacket, too. Nothing at uniqlo fits me right, so they’re out of the running.


    1. It’s such a bummer because my Stitch Fixes last year were so good! Not sure what happened, but I just can’t seem to quit it cold turkey.


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