June 2018 Stitch Fix + Wardrobe Purge Prep

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I said I was done with these things. Hear me out. Something good came of this, I promise.

All or nothing!

I was talking about Stitch Fix with another friend who uses the service. We agreed that our boxes had gone a bit downhill lately, so I asked why she was still subscribed. “Oh, I keep all five or nothing now. The 20% off is the only thing that makes this worth it to me.”

I didn’t have another box coming until August, but I liked the idea. As I mentioned in my last review, I paid $50 up front this year to get unlimited fixes, and that $50 got credited back to me when I picked up those yellow shorts. If I went for 0 or 5, I literally had nothing to lose if I chose, well, nothing.

Lucky number 13?

I thought I took an aesthetically pleasing blog photo to go here, but no, I posted it and co covered it with text for Instagram stories on @barcelosbeauty, which I guess is as good a reason as any to remind you to go follow it. I made that account so I could mess around with makeup flatlays and such, but maybe I’ll do more fashion there?

Anyway, that’s beside the point. We’ll just have to break these things down one by one.

Item #1: Fiona Small Crossbody by Fossil

June 2018 Stitch Fix Fossil Cross Body.png

A similar bag was pinned to my Stitch Fix board because I’ve been on the hunt for a crossbody bag that’s compact but still big enough to hold my wallet, phone, and a book. img_7155Turns out that that’s been a surprisingly difficult niche to fill, considering that I own quite a few crossbody bags. My wallet has a strap that turns it into a crossbody, I have a slightly larger round cognac crossbody that I got at Target, and the Kate Spade Hanna crossbody my mother gave me (it’s no longer in stock, but you can find it on eBay or Poshmark) is more for fancier occasions.

So when I saw this bag nestled gently on top of the clothes my stylist at picked out for me, my first thought was, “I better love the rest of this box because this thing is perfect.

Item #2: Sunnie Lace Top by Skies Are Blue

June 2018 Stitch Fix Yellow Lace Top

I like lace. I like that this geometric pattern reminds me of azulejo tiles. I should have been stoked.

But as much as I am enjoying yellow lately, I prefer a warmer, more mustardy tone. Also, I felt like it was a little… boxy on me? I dunno, the proportions just felt off. Not a bad pick by my stylist in theory, it just didn’t thrill me in reality.

My 5 for 0 plan was in jeopardy.

Item #3: French Grey Arielle Knit Dress

June 2018 Stitch Fix Navy Dress Pink Floral

While I found myself wanting to want that yellow top, I knew I was faking it once I tried on this dress because I was back in “I better love the rest of this box because this thing is perfect.” territory.

I love summer dresses but I keep running into two obstacles: straps that are too thin and lengths that are too short. I’m not terribly tall (though I guess 5’7 is a hair above average) but your girl has a booty, okay? I like to keep that covered, but finding a dress that’s long enough to do that while not being so long that I feel like a grandma is harder than you’d think.

And it’s swishy, guys. I wanted it. I neeeeeded it. (As much as you really need more clothes, that is.)

Item #4 Bogota Dress by 41 Hawthorn

June 2018 Stitch Fix Green Dress

Another dress in the perfect length. A color I liked. And a detail that I loved: a lace collar in a geometric pattern. Only one thing kept me from saying yes to this dress: Stitch Fix has already sent me something similar last year.



Did I really need two green dresses? As much as I liked the one I got in my fifth fix, it wasn’t enough to justify two overly similar dresses. If this had been in literally any other color, I’d be keeping this without thinking.

Item #5 Breyson Pleated Detail Blouse by 41 Hawthorn

June 2018 Stitch Fix Red Blouse

After riding the seesaw of “Omg this is PERFECT,” and “Ugh, I wish this was perfect so I could keep all the things,” this red blouse was something in the middle. I like florals. red looks good on me.

But was it worth $54? Or even the $43.20 it would go down to if I kept all five things? Since my response wasn’t an immediate “Yes!” I knew what the answer really was.

A compromise

So here I was with two things I loved, an almost repeat, and two things I was ambivalent about. I wasn’t going to drop +$200 to keep two things I loved just to prove a point.


I caved on the 0 or 5 plan. On the one hand, I know I have more clothes than I need. On the other hand, two things in this fix filled in holes in my wardrobe. You can have too many things but also not enough of the things you really need, and that’s where I find myself.

I’ve been putting off organizing and purging my wardrobe long enough. No more new things until I start getting rid of things I don’t use. Letting go is hard to do, but sometimes it needs to be done.

I decided that for each thing I kept, I needed to get rid of two things I wasn’t using.

Worn out and not worn at all

I know the Fossil crossbody will last me a long time. It’s real leather and in a neutral enough color that I’ll be able to wear it with a lot of things. I want to own things like that and fewer cheaper, disposable things. (Ugh, am I becoming a minimalist?!) With that in mind, I knew it was time to say goodbye to these two crossbody bags, both picked up at Target sometime in the early 2010s. They had a good run, but they’re worn out and I don’t reach for them anymore.


On the other hand, I got rid of these dresses because they hadn’t seen much use at all. The longer floral sheath was something I inherited from my sister that I wore for a wedding once and never touched again. It’s that weird too long length that the floral dress I kept this time around is not. The blue lace dress, on the other hand, is too short and strapless to boot. It was a Christmas present from my brother, which made me hold on to it, but it will likely never fit again. It’s too cute not to find a home with someone else.


One small step for my wardrobe, one giant leap for Liz

I know I joke about being a shameless materialist, but deep down, it’s rooted in the fact that I didn’t have a lot growing up and now I want to have all the things. How can you let something go if you don’t know if you’ll ever need it again?

That kind of talk is how you accidentally become a hoarder. No, thank you.

Here’s the thing: I have way more than I need. While I’ll never be minimalist and go for a capsule wardrobe, I could use some editing. Letting go of four things isn’t even a dent in my wardrobe.

On the other hand, it was surprisingly easy? Or at least an easy first step. The idea of unburdening myself of things I don’t need so I love everything I do own is exciting.

So, stay tuned for more installments in my summer wardrobe purge! I’m excited to share it all with you… and hoping you’ll all hold me accountable. 🤞

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