Barcelos Brews: Original Gravity’s Sixth Anniversary

It’s Silicon Valley Beer Week and we kicked it off on Saturday by heading to Original Gravity Public House for their sixth anniversary.

OG is hands down my favorite bar in Downtown San Jose. Their tap list is constantly rotating and finding me new favorites, their sausages and fries (mmmm, duck fat) are excellent, and it’s where Jimmy and I had our first date three years ago.

This post wasn’t planned for this week — I’m going on a beauty binge for my next few scheduled posts — so these are more my hot takes than anything super in-depth. Cheers!

The Bruery — Black Tuesday with Vanilla Beans


An imperial stout with an ABV high enough to put hair on your chest? Yes, that totally makes sense to be my first drink of a summer afternoon. This beer weighs in with a hefty 19.5 ABV. Yikes. 

In my defense, I was far away from the monitor and thought, “Hmm, an Imperial stout with vanilla? Sounds good to me,” before walking away to grab us a table. That being said, while it goes down surprisingly smooth but it will definitely warm you up. 8/10

Alvarado Street Brewery + Humble Sea — Partying’s Still Tight


Stop the presses. My darlings at Monterey’s Alvarado Street Brewery teamed up with Santa Cruz’s Humble Sea to create something magical: an IPA that I actually like. Super juicy, super tropical, but doesn’t make me feel like I got slapped across the face with a bottle on Pine-Sol. It smells piney but tastes like pineapple. Glorious. 10/10 for an IPA, but 8.5/10 overall.

Barebottle Brewing Co. — Any Beans Necessary


My boyfriend is far wiser than I am because he got the beer I should have started the afternoon with. (He’s also far more generous than I am;  I’m pretty sure I drank half of his. Whoopsies. Love you, Jimmy!) This golden ale is a far more drinkable 5.2% ABV. And it’s made with one of my local faves, Philz Coffee! They served this on nitro, making it extra smooth. If you want a coffee-forward beer that’s refreshing instead of heavy, this is for you. 8.75/10

Mission Trail Cider — Lawyers, Plums, and Money


Call this my dessert course. This plum jerkum was aged in rum barrels with guava, pineapple, and cherry, making for a very sweet ending to the afternoon. But not too sweet, which is an issue I’ve had with Mission Trail’s offerings in the past. There was a crispness to this that cut through the sweetness. 7.75/10

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