2018 Resolution Update: October

I should have taken the Green Day route and slept through last month until someone came around to wake me up when September ends.

Resolution #1: Do fewer things, better

October 1st was my first day at my second job. For the last few months, I’ve been working as a part-time content editor and social media manager. I’m still doing that in the afternoon, but in the morning, I’m putting my organizational and team mom skills to work as an office admin on another floor of the building. (At least the commute is easy?)

Working two jobs is a fact of life for many a Millennial, so I won’t boohoo myself too hard. Both jobs are manageable and in my wheelhouse, so I’m plugging along just fine. It’s not ideal and not what I see as a permanent solution — I’d like to be doing one of those things full-time instead of both of them half of the time — but living in Silicon Valley isn’t cheap and you do what you gotta do.

As for my quidlife, not being on a team (or two) has freed up so much time… that I filled right back up again with tournaments. I didn’t expect much interest when I announced Barcelos Knows Quidditch. Paying a TD to run a tournament for you? Crazy talk. It wasn’t something people did.

Instead, my calendar is closed for 2018 and I’m already working on a 2019 tournament. I’d never be able to do this if I was still playing/coaching/managing. I’m still contributing to the sport, but on my own terms and without going into the red to do it.

So yeah, focusing on doing one thing I do well is paying off. Literally.

Resolution #2: Keep a regular workout schedule

Self-care? What self-care? Why go to the gym when you can eat feelings? They’ve been a smorgasbord of rage, helplessness, and self-loathing. That’s healthy, right?

Resolution #3: Try to focus on the positive

The cloud of last week is still hanging over me. Early in the week, writing about my experiences as a survivor of sexual abuse made me feel strong. A bad thing happened, but it didn’t break me. We’re living in a time when survivors are heard and seen.

But as the week went on, I heard too much as saw too much. In spite

So yeah, it’s very difficult to be positive right now. But this month looks to be full of highlights. I’m really looking forward to my first tournament as an independent TD. I’m being paid to travel to a city I love, to do something I love, for teams that I love.

Oh… and we have a family trip to Disneyland!

October might be the cure for my negativity.

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