Drunk Quidditch History, Episode 1: Snow Cup

Poor Ryan is still editing the 8+ hour monstrosity I submitted earlier this year, so this is the first completed episode of Drunk Quidditch History. It’s something I’ve wanted to do over at Face Beat It for some time now — it fits our irreverent but informative niche perfectly,, I think — and it feels fitting that we’re starting with the #1 winter drinking event in quidditch: Utah’s Snow Cup.

Sequoia Thomas is the only person to have attended every single Snow Cup, so it was only fitting that she led me on this meandering stroll through the history of the last great fantasy tournament.

Some supplemental promotion

First of all, I have to plug Sequoia’s podcast: Fanatical Fics and Where to Find Them. Sequoia and her co-host Kim review some of the most ridiculous Harry Potter fanfiction MST3K style. Drunk Quidditch History sounds so good because we recorded it on FF’s exquisite equipment before Sequoia elevated it with her editing, so give her a listen and maybe donate to her Patreon, eh?

This isn’t the first time Sequoia talked about quidditch together on the internet, either! Back in 2017, I was a guest on her Sass +1 series. The topic? Women in Quidditch. That experience marked the beginning of me really thinking about how gender impacts how people interact with the sport, and I’ve been on that soapbox ever since.

And if you’re looking for the blog posts I referenced in this podcast, find them here:

Fantasy Quidditch is Dead

The Second Life of Fantasy Quidditch

How to Win Snow Ball

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