2018 Resolution Update: November

Holy shit, I only have one more of these to go! The end of 2018 is creeping up on us, but until then, I plan on enjoying Thanksgiving season (back off and wait your turn, Christmas) as I try to finish the year strong.

Resolution #1: Do fewer things, better

This resolution is turning out to be the best one I made this year… now that I’ve gotten around to actually doing it. I’m still trying to balance the fewer things that I’m doing (I slacked on blogging this month because of tournaments, whoops), but I can see the rise in the quality of the things I’m applying myself to.

NorCal by Northwest worked out well, barring the few minor speedbumps that I fixated on because that’s just how I am. I feel less stressed and more excited for my other projects, like finishing blog posts I wanted to do last month and finally making my way through the pile of photos I need to edit.

Resolution #2: Keep a regular workout schedule

This resolution, on the other hand, started out strong but has since petered out. Traveling last month (and all the eating that comes with it!) put a dent in my ability to make healthy choices, but since I plan on being home for the rest of the year, there’s still

Resolution #3: Try to focus on the positive

Just as I hoped for last month, October was a cure for my negativity. Going to the Happiest Place on Earth with Jimmy and his family certainly helped, but the real cure was shutting out what was bringing me down and focusing on creating my own happiness.

I love running a good tournament and NCxNW was exactly that. But doing what I love for others led to something I love for myself: spending a long weekend with my friends in Portland, one of my favorite cities because I am a Millennial hipster stereotype.

The world is far more likely to hand you reasons to be unhappy than the other way around. September was a stellar example of that. Sometimes, you need to shut out the things you can’t bear and focus on creating your own happiness. For me, that takes the form of planning and executing things. But everyone is different, so find what you can create that will bring you joy.

Then, once you have your head on straight, you can get back to facing and fighting what used to feel unbearable.

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