Five Favorite Fall Lipsticks

I’m taking a break from Beauty Box Battle for a bit. It was turning my monthly treat to myself into a chore. But hey, I’m still here with the beauty content!

Since fall is well and truly upon us — there’s finally a nip in the San Jose air, the pumpkin spice beer is flowing, (everything is on fire, help), and it’s darker and darker every night — I thought I’d share five of my favorite lip products that make me feel extra autumnal.

The best part? All of them are under $20, and most are under $10!

Colourpop Lux Lipstick in Money Moves

Money Moves on my face

A pumpkin spice lipstick for pumpkin spice season.

This whole post was inspired by the compliment I got on this lipstick while picking up the mail. (You’re welcome for the recommendation, concierge clerk.)

The Colourpop website calls it a muted terracotta, but I find that it pulls a little more brown than orange on me. In any case, you can’t beat the price tag. Of all the lip shades on this list, this is the one that most screams fall to me.

Price: $8

Glossier Generation G in Leo

Leo on my face

Do i hate the term “no makeup makeup?” Yes. Is it the current description of a look I go for pretty often? Also yes.

I might have a mild Glossier problem, so is it any surprise that one of their lipsticks made this list? I didn’t actually buy it for fall; instead, I picked it up this summer when I visited Glossier LA as a replacement for Cake, which was the exact shade of lips and therefore didn’t show up.

(Lesson learned: stick to the darker Generation G shades, Liz. Though now that they’ve reformulated, I might try Cake again?)

Anyway, Leo ended up being the perfect brown for me. Any more saturated and it would be too 90s, a decade I lived through once and don’t feel the need to repeat on my face.

Price: $18

Neutrogena MoistureSmooth Color Stick in Rich Raisin

Rich Raisin on my face

Ah yes, nothing like that smoky natural light. NorCal autumn, amirite?

Okay, I’m finally injecting some berry into this list. Everyone needs a fall color that looks good and is good for their lips, and this is mine. (I also own this in Berry Brown, which is my perfect MLBB shade.) This is the most hydrating formula on this list, and one I rely on when the air is too damn dry to wear anything remotely matte.

It’s easy to slap on whether you’re wearing no makeup and just want something moisturizing, or I have my usual look on (eyeshadow + liquid/cream blush) and want a wash of color on the lips. It’s also a dupe for the Clinique Chubby Sticks, which I haven’t tried but see no reason to when this is so reasonably priced.

Price: $9

Sephora #Lipstories in Golden Gate

Golden Gate on my face

Purple is a year-round thing for me, but this one is extra autumnal.

I will never understand why Sephora thought it was a good idea to name a purple lipstick after an orange bridge, but oh well. The whole #Lipstories line is so well priced for Sephora, where it’s hard to find anything for under $10, let alone in a full size. (I also own Labyrinth City, First Class, and Festival Lights.)

This matte formula is comfortable to wear and fades gracefully over the course of the day rather than drying out. It feels more like a cream formula than a traditional matte, something I am very okay with. It does transfer, however, so bear that in mind.

Price: $8

Fenty Mini Mattemoiselle in Griselda

Griselda on my face

What do you mean, taking selfies in the elevator at work is weird?

The first time my boyfriend saw me wearing this lipstick, he said, “Oooh, witchy.” Halloween might be past us, but I still love wearing this. Griselda is much deeper than Golden Gate. The Sephora website calls it a bold burgundy, but I’d call it a blackened burgundy. It’s so dark that it’s the closest I’ll come to wearing black lipstick.

This formula is drier and more traditionally matte than the Lipstories, but the tradeoff is that it lasts far longer and is pretty transfer resistant. The full size is $18, but I got mine as part of a mini duo that also featured Spanked, a dusty rose. (I never finish lipsticks, so getting two smaller ones for a dollar more felt like a better value.)

Price: $18 full size / $19 two mini set


Fall faves swatches

From left: Money Moves, Leo, Rich Raisin, Golden Gate, Griselda

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