2018 Resolution Update: December

Time for my final resolution update! Instead of looking at how well I stuck to them over the last month, I’ll be taking more of a big picture look instead. I plan on doing this again in 2019, and part of the process includes analyzing what I did this year so that I can set myself up for success next year.

Resolution #1: Do fewer things, better

The most successful New Year’s resolutions are the ones that turn into habits without you noticing. Making this my #1 resolution this year has really helped me focus instead of feeling stretched thin. I could still be better at it (by learning how to say no more, for starters), but I am proud of myself for sticking to this one.

Resolution #2: Keep a regular workout schedule

wish that I had stuck to this one consistently enough to make it a habit! I started the year strong, but by June, I kept having reasons (or finding excuses) not to stick to this. Fitness related resolutions have always been hard for me to set. I used to be too ambitious and then beat myself up for failing. This year I tried being a little more flexible, but that just gave me wiggle room to blow this off. There has to be a happy medium somewhere.

Resolution #3: Try to focus on the positive

Even if I didn’t always stick to this resolution, I’m glad I made it. It forced me to examine my mental health at least once a month, something I’ve neglected for years. While trying to stay positive hasn’t always been easy, or even appropriate sometimes, telling myself “Hey, remember how you’re trying not to be so negative this year?” has been a good nudge.

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