2019 Resolutions: A new year, a better Barcelos

Three resolutions for 2019.
Three resolutions for 2019.
Three new resolutions for 2019.

Tracking my resolutions over the year helped me stick to them… or at least remember them even when I started to slack off. If nothing else, doing resolution updates in 2018 was a nice little mental health check in that I’m looking forward into carrying into the new year.

For those of you who didn’t read my first resolution post back in January 2018, I’ll catch you up on my resolution philosophy. All New Year’s resolutions fall into two categories: quantitative and qualitative. It’s easy to fail at achieving quantitative resolutions (I want to lose 20 pounds) while qualitative resolutions (I want to be more positive) have a bit more wiggle room.

No one likes feeling like a failure, so I like setting qualitative resolutions. They’re easier to stick to, and when I do occasionally slip up, they’re easy to get going again.

Resolution #1: Protect my time

I was struggling with how to word this one until I read my friend Karissa’s blog post about her 2019 resolutions. (While you’re here, you should check out Bookmarks + Breadcrumbs, her lifestyle blog where she writes about baking, teaching, Disneyland, and more!)

“Liz, I need your help,” is my kryptonite. It is the best way to get me to drop everything. And ultimately, that’s unhealthy for me and for my friends. It breeds dependency and stress.

I also have a terrible tendency of overbooking myself. I was almost out of the house doing quidditch stuff every weekend in January, and that’s not healthy.

I want to be free for last minute plans, for friends that I don’t often see, and for lazy weekends of doing nothing. No, not doing nothing: spending time on myself. I am so uncomfortable doing nothing because I feel like it’s wasteful. But I need that time to recharge. I don’t have to be a productivity machine.

Resolution #2: Stop lying to myself

Last year, my second resolution was to keep a better workout schedule. It worked great when I was accurately tracking what I ate and how active I was. I felt better, my clothes fit better, and everything was going just fine.

Then I took a break for my birthday and found it hard to get back on the wagon. Then I fell all the way off in July, when I hyperextended my knee. By the time I came back from an October beer and donut binge in Portland, ready to hit the gym, California was on fire, I couldn’t breathe, so I blew off my wellbeing for the rest of the year.

As a result, I found myself at nearly the same weight in January 2019 as I did I January 2018. I’m tired all the time. My endurance is shit. My clothes don’t fit the way I want them to, if at all.

Last week, I didn’t change my diet or my exercise routine. I just accurately tracked what I was eating and it was an eye-opener.

I’m not planning on starving myself or kidding myself into thinking I can go to the gym twice a day. But I am going to be honest with myself. That way, I can make changes that work for me instead of pretending that vacation/travel/holiday/PMS calories don’t count.

Resolution #3: Declutter my life

Sometimes I am overwhelmed and it is my own doing. Like I said earlier, I have a tendency of overbooking myself because I want to do all the things.

But it’s more than that. I have a wardrobe I started to purge back in June, only to quit after one day because I had so many other things to do. My shelves are filled with books I still have to read. My social media feeds are full of people and things that I don’t really care about anymore or that distract me.

This year, I want to declutter my life into something more manageable. I’m not going full Marie Kondo — because not everything that is necessary sparks joy — but I am going to try and edit my life into something that doesn’t threaten to overwhelm me.

5 Comments on “2019 Resolutions: A new year, a better Barcelos”

  1. Nice. I like that you start your resolutions in early Jan – I do the same.

    My resolutions are:
    1) Add back patio doors to house.
    2) take professional/nice photos of Graham and I.
    3) meditate every day for 10 minutes.
    4) brush AND floss AND remove my makeup every night.

    So that last one shows my level of adulthood… I’m normally able to do 2/3 of #4; trying to hit all 3 this year like a functional adult.


    • If I can get my makeup off, I can usually get the other two done. But I also keep makeup wipes by my bed in case I’m too tired to make it to the bathroom for my nightly routine.


  2. No, not doing nothing – spending time on myself.” Yessss, girl! I’m exactly the same as you – doing nothing hurts sometimes! But that statement is so powerful. This is the year we learn to love free time! Lol.

    Rock solid resolutions! And thank you for the shoutout! I’m stealing your resolution update posts idea, by the way 😘


    • Please do! They helped me so much last year. Even when I wasn’t living up to my resolutions, I could at least reflect on why that was the case.


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