El Segundo Brewing with Shaye

Two beer flights at El Segundo Brewing.

When I landed in SoCal earlier this month, I made a quick detour before Heroes vs. Villains Invitational. As much as I love quidditch, it’s becoming more of an excuse just to travel and see my friends. I headed to El Segundo Brewing to meet up with Shaye Lander, one of the original #BarcelosBros and an even bigger beer nerd than I am.

This place is one of Shaye’s favorites, so I planned on having him pick out a flight of beers for me to review. However, he also made me pick out a flight of beers for him.

Not wanting to disappoint, I did my best to pick a good mix of things that looked interesting to me, but that also suited what I knew about his tastes. While my love of dark beer and sours is pretty well known, Shaye has far more broad tastes than I do. He loves an IPA and anything buttchuggable, though.

El Segundo Brewing flights
Two Barcelos Bros, Two beer flights. An excellent way to pass the afternoon.

Shaye’s flight

Citra Pale Ale

I am not and never will be an IPA person, so I wasn’t going to pick one out for him. But a nice pale ale? I can live with those. Shaye’s take? “Yeah, I love a good Citra hop!”


This is the one beer I wish he’d ordered from me, but he didn’t. However, like a true bro, he let me have some of his. As he described it, “That dopplebock is killer. It’s got that taste on the backend.  Not nutmeg or cinnamon, but spice.”

Ballpark Blonde

I wanted to make sure there was something light and easy among the sea of darkness I put before him. One word: buttchuggable. Not my word: his. But what is buttchuggable? I’ll let Shaye explain:

Buttchuggable: (adjective) defines a beverage that is so refreshing and delightful that one would consider “crushable,” or “chuggable.” However, when said beverage is beyond that level of drinkability and crushability it is said to be “buttchuggable.”

Shaye Lander, 1/28/2019

Old Jetty Barleywine

Shaye loved the barleywine that he had when he was at place back in the Bay Area, so I wanted to give him some more. Turns out, it was something he was looking for at ESBC. “They never have it when I’m here! Yes! It’s not very sweet and I like that. Mild.”

Hyperion’s Stout: Vanilla (Nitro)

Anything on nitro is going to be on my list, so I ordered this for Shaye. As he described it, it’s “not in your face. Roasty, smooth, but not overly sweet vanilla.”

My flight

Cerveza Fresca: Guava

Okay, I cheated on this one. I asked Shaye to pick this for me, because as much as I usually dislike IPAs, I have had luck with them when they incorporate tropical fruits. (Here’s looking at you, Partying’s Still Tight.) This beer’s tropical flavor comes from guava, something I find too sweet on its own but great when used to mellow out something bitter like an IPA.

Shaye told me that they have a passion fruit version, too. Damn, I missed out. I love maracuja in anything.

Stay Woke

One of my friends described my strengths as craft coffee and craft beers. She was 100% correct. The coffee in this stout is sourced from Blue Butterfly Coffee Co, which is just down the street. (I love it when neighbors collaborate!) Basically, this was the most Liz thing on tap and I’m so glad Shaye got it for me.

Old Jetty Barleywine

This was the first time our flights overlapped. I got a lot of chocolate and port wine from this. It was good, but probably too heavy to be part of a flight. This is something I would split with a friend over dessert.

Hyperion’s Stout: Vanilla (Nitro)

This was our second overlap. I only wrote one thing in my notes app: smoooooth. (Yes, with 5 o’s.) I love a nitro stout. It’s as close as a dark beer will ever come to being buttchuggable. And like Shaye said earlier, it was vanilla without being too sweet.

Aileron Saison

I was worried that this would be too floral (something I like in a lavender latte but not in a beer), but I avoided that fate. It was fruity and crisp. Dry, even. It was the cleanest thing before me and it did a great job of breaking up all the heavier things I was drinking.

Yes, I jump around when drinking a flight. Call me uncultured swine if you want.

Final verdict

Take these rankings with a grain of salt; they’re more of a reflection of our personal tastes than anything else. Everything was solid.

Instead, I want to weigh in on visiting your friends and having them pick your beers at their favorite local spots. If you’re lucky to be friends with an even bigger beer nerd than yourself, someone who knows what you like but isn’t afraid to make you try other things,

Shaye, thanks for a wonderful time. I still owe you an Almanac trip when you’re back in the Bay. Everyone else, follow him on Untappd or check out his Instagram: @shaye_drinks_beer.

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