2019 Resolution Update: February

Three resolutions for 2019.

It’s one month into 2019. I’m not going to lie to you and say that I’m crushing it, that I’m taking life by the balls, etc. It’s been a rough start. But it’s still a start.

Resolution #1: Protect my time

I’m going to be traveling four weekends in a row starting next weekend, so this looks like a fail. But it doesn’t feel like one! I’m not answering my phone after 10 pm. I’m pushing all my freelancing communications to the Facebook page I made for it

Have I set aside enough time for myself? Not quite yet. But the time that is mine is all mine, and that’s an improvement.

Resolution #2: Stop lying to myself

I need to find a better way of wording this resolution because I’m feeling very attacked by myself right now. However, the spirit of it still holds true. I need to be honest with myself, and this month, I haven’t been. It’s a little bit of still being in holiday #treatyoself mode, and a lot of having been sick most of last month.

For February, I’m going to set a very simple goal. Just track what you’re eating and your activity. Don’t change, just see what you’re actually doing to yourself.

Resolution #3: Declutter my life

I’ve had the most success with this resolution this month. I’ve applied it to all the aspects of my life where I was starting to feel overwhelmed. I started unfollowing and muting social media accounts that didn’t, ugh, spark joy. I cleared out the pile of stuff between my bed and my closet that was driving me crazy. I’m diverting my energy away from people and things that take from me more than I get back from them.

It’s a good start, which is all I ask from my resolutions after only one month.

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