2019 Resolution Update: March

Three resolutions for 2019.

Funny how January seems to drag on for centuries while February passes by in the blink of an eye. This February proved that to be especially true, with me spending each weekend in a different city and getting engaged!

Resolution #1: Protect my time

I failed so hard at this in February and I won’t pretend otherwise. Past me filled up current me’s February up with so many things. I used every spare minute to keep caught up. I let people cross barriers I made to protect my time because I had so little free time that I didn’t want to waste it.

I’m going to be better. I’m going to tell people to message my TD page instead of me personally. I am going to take time to finish a book and not scold myself for it. I’m working on a creative outlet (I won’t call it a project because projects are work and I create enough of that on my own) that is purely for me and not for public consumption.

And most importantly of all, I am going to spend some quality time with my fiancé and just enjoy being engaged instead of trying to plan a wedding that’s almost two years away.

Resolution #2: Listen to my body

I never liked how this resolution was worded back when it was “Stop lying to myself.” This updated version covers the intent of original resolution but uses far more positive and inclusive language. Fixating on a diet isn’t healthy for me; creating better behaviors is what I need.

With that said, I ignored the shit out of myself this month in the pursuit of productivity and doing ALL THE THINGS. But if you don’t listen to our body for long enough, don’t worry — it’ll tell you anyway. It’ll scream at you from your knees when you do ladders after a season of no practice. It’ll churn and burble from your belly after treating your self too many weekends in a row because travel calories don’t count, right?

I’m looking forward to a March of both taking it easy in some respects (eating better, travelling and working less) and pushing myself to be better (go to the doctor and goddamn gym, Barcelos).

Resolution #3: Declutter my life

Nothing like living out of a carry-on every weekend to teach you about minimalism, eh? Now that I’m home for most of this coming month, I’m… looking forward to getting rid of things? Crazy, considering how much emotional attachment I have to my things.

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