Bubble Water Bracket Showdown: Slightly Citrus

Bubble Water Bracket Showdown Day 2: Slightly Citrus

It’s only Tuesday but I already know this will be the hardest corner of the bracket for me to fill out. Like Lady Grantham as portrayed by the All-Star Queen of my heart, Bendelacreme, I love all things citrus.

If any of these citrus contenders were competing against the bubbles in the other corners of the bracket, they’d likely smash the competition. Alas, only one slightly citrus fizzy water can rise to the Final Four.

Dasani Blood Orange vs. Tangerine LaCroix

I feel like most sparkling waters that have cropped up in the LaCroix fuelled bubble water boom have something that makes them different. In Dasani’s case, Jim and I have found that their sparkling waters are fizzier than the rest. So if you’re looking to kick your soda habit like I did last year and fizz is the thing you’d miss most, try the Dasani flavors.

Call me pretentious. but I love all things blood orange. That might explain why this flavor was my introduction to the brand as a whole. I saw it in a fridge when I was visiting a friend at an Unnamed Tech Giant, pounced, and fell in love. Call it the more demure sister of a blood orange Pellegrino.

According to the can, Tangerine LaCroix is essenced, not flavored. (Still not sure what the difference is.) What that means to me is that it reads as sweeter and juicier than the typical LaCroix. Hey, maybe that’s what Bubly’s been doing! Anyway, if you have to choose between the two, Tangerine blows Orange LaCroix out of the water.

However, this choice is between Tangerine LaCroix and Dasani Blood Orange. It depends on what I’m looking for that day: the brightness of bubbles or an illusion of sweetness. Blood Orange wins this one on a literal coin toss. I couldn’t pick between them in any other way.

Winner: Blood Orange Dasani

Simply Balanced Grapefruit vs Key Lime LaCroix

I don’t care what the CEO of LaCroix says. If store brand bubbles are beating you, that’s not injustice — that’s on you, buddy. In this case, I picked the Target brand for my bracket over the original grapefruit (I’m sorry, I mean pamplemousse) because it brings more grapefruit tartness to the table.

However, it stands no chance against the winner of my original bubble water rankings: Key Lime LaCroix.

Like it’s Tangerine sister, Key Lime LaCroix brings the essenced illusion of sweetness. Key Limes are sweeter than their regular counterparts anyway. Long live Key Lime, now and forever. (Or at least today.)

Winner: Key Lime LaCroix

Dasani Blood Orange vs Key Lime LaCroix

I suppose I tipped my hand a little too much in the last round. Dasani Blood Orange is great and has held down a regular spot in the Gold Bar fridge for a few months now, but Key Lime LaCroix still holds my heart. It’s what I recommend to people trying the make the switch from soda to sparkling water and it wins the day.

Current standings

Bubble Water Bracket Day 2

Tomorrow, we head to the tropics and the other side of the bracket. Come back for tomorrow for some tentatively tropically flavored fizz!

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