Back From Hiatus: Where I’ve Been, Where I Am, and Where I’m Going

What was supposed to be a week-ish break from blogging while I was in Austin last April turned into a nearly two-month-long hiatus, the longest I’ve gone without posting.

I’m not going to beat myself up about it. My blog is supposed to be a fun creative outlet for me, not a chore. Instead, let’s get caught up on what happened in the last two months, what’s coming in the months ahead, and the future of this blog.

Where I’ve been

Liz Barcelos looking adorably overwhelmed while field staff coordinating at US Quidditch Cup 12.
The glamorous behind the scenes of working on the world’s biggest quidditch tournament.

Like I said, this break started when I headed to Austin for US Quidditch Cup 12. This year I was on event staff, meaning that I spent a good chunk of the weekend in a room chained to my walkie talkie and laptop, doing my best to coordinate half of the twelve pitches on site. With that in mind, I decided to take the week off to relax with friends and worry about content later.

This month I stayed closer to home, though I did head down to SoCal (by train!) for a weekend with friends, beers, and quidditch that I was not responsible for.

But mostly, I’ve been working. I started freelancing and covering education for San Jose Spotlight, I’ve been teaching Portuguese school, I got Hella Summer Quidditch up and running… oh, and all of this while I got assigned an ongoing project at my part time job that turned it into a full time job.

Balancing everything I had going on when I was working 20 hours a week was easy. It was my normal. But for the past month or so, I’ve been trying to find a new normal.

Where I am

Liz Barcelos slumped over her laptop at work, a bubble water close at hand.
An actual and certainly not exaggerated photo of me at my day job.

With all this going on, it made sense to take a step away from my blog for a while. After all, my #1 resolution this year is to protect my time, and worrying that I wasn’t posting to my blog was a waste of my time, I had things I wanted to write about, but not the energy to do it well. Perfect might be the enemy of the good, but I didn’t even feel capable of good.

In what feels more and more like an eternal problem, I am still trying to find the balance of working enough to pay our ridiculous Silicon Valley bills, doing work that fulfills me, and fighting the toxic belief that my work and my productivity are my only means of measuring self-worth.

You know, adulting.

Where I’m going

Okay, let’s start with taking this literally. Jim and I are headed to Seattle next month for our anniversary! I’ve been a few times before, but always alone and for quidditch. This time around, I get to share some of my favorite things and places with my favorite person. And also see friends!

Later this summer, I’ll be headed to Richmond, VA for the IQA Pan-American Games. I’ll be cheering for my Spartans and Argonauts on Team Mexico, even if it’s looking like Team USA’s tournament to lose. I haven’t been asked to volunteer yet, so I likely won’t — but let’s be real: it’s not out of the question.

Otherwise, I am looking forward to a long summer at home instead of steering a ship of Argonauts around. As much as I’ll miss having Major League Quidditch out here, Hella Summer Quidditch is far more my vibe.

Okay, let’s be less literal now. I am going to get married next fall. It’s going to be wonderful. I haven’t done much planning yet, but my idea of “much planning” and other people’s is wildly different.

Things I’m not going to do: expect myself to solve the whole work/life/meaning balance all in one blog post. Worry about not always posting an average of twice a week. Make my blog all work and no play.

Thanks for reading. I’ve missed writing for me (and for you!), so I’m excited to get back to it.

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