2019 Resolution Update: August

Three resolutions for 2019.

Not the most relevant intro, but have you heard Lana Del Rey’s cover of Doin’ Time by Sublime? (Yeah, I used to think it was called Summertime, too.)

It is SO GOOD. She captures exactly how I feel this time of year: slow, languorous, easing into the dog days of summer.

With that musical tangent out of the way, let’s dive into this post.

Resolution #1: Protect my time

Excuse me while I high five myself because I am crushing this resolution. Am I still hella busy? Yeah, sure. But I’ve been good about keeping me time separate.

Now, my focus is on managing my commitments so I don’t have to cut into my personal time. I feel like that’s the root of many of my time management problems.

Resolution #2: Listen to my body

I forget where I read this this month (I feel like it’s something my friend Siri shared on her Instagram stories?), but I read something somewhere about how wearing clothes that don’t fit you anymore are what make you feel bad about your body.

What does this have to do with listening to my body? Well, as much as I may talk big talk about wanting to lose weight feel good or whatever, the biggest motivator to lose weight is to fit into my old clothes. That’s it. I don’t actually feel bad about myself when I’m not wearing clothes (scandalous!) or when I’m wearing something that fits.

So in a combination of laziness and radical self-acceptance, I didn’t work out all that much but I didn’t hate myself for it. I didn’t track every single calorie but I didn’t gorge myself.

And you know what? I feel fine.

Resolution #3: Declutter my life

I started (finally!) clearing out my wardrobe, so this resolution is going well this month.

However, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed but just how much I have to do. I get home, I think, “I have to clean,” but then I get so overwhelmed by everything I have to do that I end up doing nothing.

This week, I started breaking down this big job into smaller parts. By giving myself a list of smaller tasks to do, I can make incremental progress and feel like I’m accomplishing something. It also gives me direction, something I desperately crave after managing my own time during the workday.

I also leave myself room to fail. On Saturday, my first priority is handing anything I may not have gotten done during the week. Failsafes are key to making a good plan into a great one.

Tl;dr: making a lists is great, treat it less as rules and more like guidelines, break down big projects into smaller tasks whenever you can!

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