Things I’ve Done Lately That Aren’t Quite Blogging

In an ideal world, I’d be posting to my blog on Tuesdays and Fridays. Since the world is not ideal and my blog isn’t my only creative outlet, instead of bringing you some fresh Original Content, here’s a look at some of the not quite blogging stuff I’ve done lately.

Archive 408: San Jose Time Capsule

Archive 408 is a project by local writers October Montoya and Li Patron that I’ve been eating up lately. When they put out a call for submissions for a San Jose time capsule, my contribution to this project will surprise absolutely no one. I wrote about Little Portugal.

Working under the constraint of such a tiny word count was surprisingly liberating. On the other hand, I want to write more about how my community is changing and the mixed blessings of assimilation and gentrification.

Submissions are currently open for Volume 2 of Archive 408’s Living Histories project. This time around, Queer Stories of San Jose is the prompt. That means I’m sitting this one out, but if you have a story to share, I highly recommend submitting.

Submissions are open until October 15.

Season 3 of West Coast Bias

Once upon a time, two beaters in red and black that liked hearing themselves talk started a podcast. Because really, what else are two smart asses with liberal arts degrees and a very niche hobby going to do with their spare time?

While Ryan and I had recorded a handful of podcasts together before, West Coast Bias was the beginning of something I’ve believed in for a long time: regional coverage.

High level stuff is great and has a broader audience, but people want to hear about what’s going on in their communities. (Can you tell that I’ve been a local reporter on and off for the last few years?)

I wish there was more of it in quidditch… but having done this for a few years now, I know just how hard it is to have an opinion in public. Sometimes you’re going to be too busy. Sometimes you’re going to be wrong. Sometimes people are going to roast you for it. And sometimes they’ll roast you for no reason at all.

I didn’t always know what I was doing and I was often woefully unprepared when we first started out, but I’m so grateful to have had Ryan with me. Splitting the load of editing, outlining, researching, learning (eventually) how to pronounce names, and keeping the other sane and feeling valid is how we’ve managed to keep at this as long as we’ve had.

Here’s to at least sixteen more episodes. It’s not always easy, but Ryan’s always been able to keep it fun for me. I hope our listeners (we love you!) feel the same.

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