We Have a Wedding Date!

In case you missed it — doubtful, considering that I blasted it across all my social media — this month marked the one year countdown to our wedding.

Did we pick Mean Girls Day on purpose? No, it was a happy accident. October 10 was our first choice, but we weren’t the first people to think that 10/10/2020 would be a cute date. My church was booked for the time we wanted, so we moved it up a week.

Everyone I’ve spoken to since has made me happy with that choice. So many vendors and venues are already booked for that day. Better to pick a slightly less in demand date.

Weighing our options

If you’ve been around here long enough, you know that I love planning things. After the church was locked down, we started looking at specific venues and vendors so that I could plan the whole wedding by myself.

How different would it be from a tournament, right? I do those all the time.

But like… what if I didn’t? What if I didn’t make another thing that should be fun into into a capital-p Project? After my first two venue choices didn’t look so hot in person, we decided to look into more all-inclusive venues and finally found one this week.

Not weighing myself

Behold, what might be my most liked tweet ever:

The way I see it, if I didn’t weigh too much to be proposed to, I don’t weigh too much to get married. Losing weight for the pictures? We all have cameras in our pockets so there’s photos taken of me all the time. I know what I look like. I don’t hate it.

And I’m not going to start hating myself now.

Trying not to let the world weigh me down

Okay, this is more stream of consciousness than proper wedding content, but bear with me. The world doesn’t stop just because your favorite person puts a ring on your finger. I’m not writing this blog post or planning this wedding in a vacuum. Here’s a brief list of things weighing me down in the past 48 hours:

  • PG&E cutting the power and leaving my parents in the dark
    • Fire season in general, really
      • Realizing we’re getting married during the peak of fire season, shit!
    • Also, how is PG&E allowed to exist? That “probation” from the 2010 San Bruno explosion has done jack shit. The state should just take them over already.
      • Oh, and I definitely got into a fight with someone I care about over this. (I stand by what I said but it got personal and that’s never fun.)
  • Planning NorCal by Northwest 2 and Bread Bowl
    • Why did I get talked into running NCxNW on two sites?
    • Planning is hard when all my free mental bandwidth is sucked up with the first bullet point
  • The President
    • Impeachment
      • No one caring about student loans (my current work project) because impeachment is sucking all the air out of the political room
      • I can’t even keep up anymore. Am I an uninformed citizen?
    • The Kurds are dying because of a phone call but here I am with my first world problems
    • Seriously, how is he still president?
  • It is petty to be this upset about the Sharks being terrible but I am petty and they are terrible, even if having Marleau back is sentimental.
  • Oh dear God, we planned the wedding for the month before the election and fire season? Brilliant.
  • Shit, my gas tank is empty, gas is over $4 a gallon, and I’m driving to LA this weekend.

It’s so easy to get lost in the details and forget that I’m less than a year away from one of the best days of my life. It’s going to be great. I know it.

I just have to get through the next 359 days.

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