5 Things I’ve Been Doing Instead of Blogging

It’s been over a month since I’ve posted to my blog. Let’s get caught up, shall we?

#1 Quidditching, obviously

Since my last blog post, I’ve live streamed one weekend of quidditch and ran my two tournaments of my own in two different states. I’m going into my second season on the sidelines, and while I love what I do, it sucks up a lot of bandwidth.

Processing such a high volume of games and then breaking them down has been especially difficult this year… which is why I’ve been slacking on West Coast Bias. I do have an article in the works that will hopefully do some catch up work for me, but whew, this was a busy fall for west coast quidditch.

#2 Throwing my resolutions out the window

My backslide into not blogging started when my October resolution update was coming up and I had no fucks to give about any of them. I don’t know why, but my 2018 resolutions were far more helpful than this year’s version. This year’s resolution updates felt like a chore to write instead of a welcome check in with myself.

For 2020, I’m weighing whether I want to have resolutions at all.

#3 Taking it easy

“Taking it easy” is a nicer way of saying “trying not to die of pneumonia,” which itself is probably another way of saying “maybe stop trying to wring every drop of possible productivity out of every moment of your life.”

But yeah, I spent a good chunk of the last month home sick, and another chunk of that time feeling guilty about not doing things more productive than lying on the couch and playing Stardew Valley while trying not to cough my lungs up and die.

#4 Wedding things

Wedding dress? Acquired. With that, the big three things are done. We have a place to get married, we have a place to have a party, and we have something to wear. Everything else is just details.

Ugh, but there are so many details.

#5 Battling writer’s block and a lack of inspiration

While we might be at the bottom of the list, this is really the #1 reason for my absence here. I’ve been blogging on and off since my super senior semester at SJSU back in fall of 2015. In those four years, there have been months where I’ve been prolific and months when I’ve done nothing at all.

As much as I’d love to have a regular schedule, sometimes I’m inspired and sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I have ideas but not enough spoons to make them happen. I’m swinging out of a writing funk, but I can’t pretend that I’ll never swing back into a phase of writer’s block.

I’m doing my best not to beat myself up for not constantly churning out content. Whether you read every post when it goes live or just the things that interest you when you feel like it, I’m glad you’re here.

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