Bubble Water Bracket 2020: Match #3

With half of the first round complete, we only have two matchups left before the semi-finals. So far, the seeding has proven true and the higher ranked drinks have advanced. Bubly hasn’t steered me wrong yet, but will it continue the streak?

#2 Bubly Lemon

Hiya? More like hi-yuck.

Bubly took last year’s title with Blackberry and Orange put in a strong showing in the last matchup, so I was expecting good things from Bubly Lemon. Great things, even.

So imagine my disappointment when crack this one open, take a swig, and am assaulted by essence of Lemon Pine-Sol. All my friends who joke about me drinking hair

I couldn’t even finish the can. Jim had to do it for me.

#7 Trader Joe’s Cranberry and Lime

3% juice feels like cheating.

This contender is my friend Marisol’s contribution to this year’s bracket. (Check out their crafting Instagram while you’re here.) Not only is it their favorite, it’s the only sparkling water that doesn’t give them headaches.

Which… I didn’t even know was a thing? Anyone else have reactions to flavored water? (My condolences.)

Anyway, on to the review. Vodka cranberry was one of my go to drinks in my early 20s and this very pleasantly brought me back to those times — without the booze or nearly as many calories!

Winner: Trader Joe’s Cranberry and Lime

In the first upset of the tournament, Trader Joe’s advances to the semi-finals. TJ’s won not necessarily because it had the advantage of juice, but because Bubly Lemon is the worst thing I had to drink for this bracket ever. I thought last year’s Dasani Raspberry Lemonade was the worst bubble water I’d ever drink, but Bubly Lemon stole the crown.

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