Bubble Water Bracket 2020: Match #4

Today’s the last match up of round one before we head into the semi-finals and beyond. The bubble bracket will be taking a brief break on Tuesday for this week’s lockdown update.

With that bit of housekeeping out of the way, let’s take a look at today’s match up between an old favorite and a last minute addition to the bracket.

#3 LaCroix Tangerine

Naturally essenced? More like magically essenced!

LaCroix Tangerine returns for redemption this year after losing in the first round last year to LaCroix Key Lime, which made it all the way to the finals. I’m not the only one who wanted it back. LaCroix Tangerine was one of the most requested candidates for this year’s bracket, which is why I was surprised not to see it seeded higher. Ah well, yesterday proved that a high seed only means so much.

Like Key Lime and Hi-Biscus, this LaCroix is essenced, not flavored. Translation: more flavor, oddly enough. I never get LaCroix Orange anymore because this is so much better.

#6 Soleil Pineapple Coconut

The perfect combo for when you want a tropical vacation on a Monday morning but you’re not allowed to leave the house.

Soleil is a generic brand from Safeway that does a lot of combination flavors. I fell in love with Blackberry Vanilla this year, but it wasn’t in stock when I made my mad dash to the grocery store before our shelter in place order began.

I’d say that it’s pineapple forward and then then finish is coconut. If you like those flavors, I think you’ll really enjoy this. I used it as the watering down agent in my cold brew concentrate and I was very impressed with the result. I’m not too surprised though: I cut my cold brew with LaCroix Coconut all summer long.


This was a tight race, far tighter than I expected it to be, but I ultimately had to give it to the comeback kid. LaCroix Tangerine deserves better than an early exit two years in a row. But next round, I may not be so merciful.

Here’s how the bracket currently stands:

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