Bubble Water Bracket 2020: Semi-Final #1

As we advance into the semi-finals, the competition is tightening up. With all the duds eliminated, the four remaining contenders are all winners in the sense that I’ll be rebuying them in the future. But hey, I’m not here to hand out participation trophies. I’m here to pick a winner.

These two semi-finalists might be light on flavor, but they were both heavy on escapism. Yes, really.

#1 LaCroix Hi-Biscus

Siri, play Island in the Sun by Weezer.

I sat in the small garden behind our house — calling it a backyard would be a bit generous — as I sipped on this yesterday afternoon and pondered its merits.

Let me paint you a picture. I soaked up some much needed sunshine, watched the leaves of the banana and avocado trees in the yard sway in the breeze, and pretended that I was on a tropical vacation.

This wasn’t just a can of sparkling water. It was an escape. A much needed escape.

#4 Bubly Orange

Pairs well with Honey BBQ Fritos.

I was drinking this little can of happiness — look at that smile — while snacking and playing video games. As I mentioned the last time this sparkling water was in contention, this reminds me so much of Sunkist orange soda, my favorite as a child.

And that’s what this did for me. It’s a can of childhood nostalgia, but without the sugar, coloring, caffeine, etc. The last thing I need right now, pent up at home, is to be a kid wired on caffeine and sugar.

But it felt nice to think about simpler times.


This matchup came down to which escape I preferred. As much as I miss being a kid, there are so many more perks to being an adult. Oh, what I would give to be sitting on a beach, tropical drink in hand and sun shining down on me as the sound of waves echoes in my ears.

LaCroix Hi-Biscus wins the battle of the escapist effervescence and advances to the final, proving that the #1 seed assigned to it by my readers was well deserved.

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