Bubble Water Bracket 2020: Championship

Three weeks, nine posts, and a very full recycling bin later, it’s over. We have a winner. I’ve run out of clever intros, so let’s jump right into this.

The Battle of LaCroix

Please excuse my greasy quarantine hair, the pimple that would not be covered up in spite of my best efforts, and our yet to be fully unpacked apartment.

Last year, LaCroix Key Lime narrowly lost to Bubly Blackberry. Both are still favorites that we buy regularly (there’s a box of Key Lime in the fridge right now) and these two finalists are just as good.

If you’ve been following this bracket for fizzy water recommendations, both LaCroix Tangerine and Hi-Biscus have the Barcelos seal of approval.

But only one of these bubbles can call itself the champion. I’ve written plenty about both of them already, so let’s just do a straight up comparison.

Packaging: Hi-Biscus takes this one. I love the vaguely 80s aesthetic that all LaCroix cans have, but the hibiscus flower is a nice touch.

Mixability: I don’t just drink sparkling water straight out of the can. I mix it with other things regularly. Tangerine is great at watering down cold brew concentrate or mixed with tangerine juice and a little Cointreau for a sparkling quarantine cocktail, whereas hibiscus doesn’t play quite as nice with other things.

Crushability: Or rather, can I chug a can of this and not be overwhelmed? On this front, Tangerine and Hi-Biscus are equally matched.

The Champion!

Enough talk. Which essenced LaCroix reigns supreme this year?

Tangerine’s versatility gave it the edge in this tightly contested final. It’s also easier to find than Hi-Biscus, which only came out this year and isn’t in stock everywhere.

But who filled out the best bracket?

I didn’t come here just to crown a carbonated champion. I’m also rewarding my readers, too. The winner will receive a box of LaCroix Tangerine as soon as I can figure out a safe way to get it to them The top 3 also win dumb prizes!

Participants were given one point for each correct choice in the first round, two points for each correct choice in the second round, and four points for picking the winner. With that out of the way, here’s this year’s podium:

  1. Gina G. & Kris L.: tied at 9 pts
  2. Justice B.: 8 pts
  3. Sheila C.: 5 pts

Congrats to our winners and thanks so much to everyone who participated, whether you just read along, you helped seed the contenders, or you filled out your own bracket. I hope this was as fun a distraction for you all as it was for me. Stay safe and stay hydrated, friends.

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