Gold Bar Lockdown: Week 4

After spending most of Monday afternoon trying to upload this whole thing as a complete video, I rage quit and decided to make each day it’s own video clip. Teaching yourself video editing during a pandemic using only my phone is the kind of dumb overambitious shit I live for, I guess.

Here’s to being happy with good enough instead of perfection.

Day 21: Monday, April 6

For my first verrrrrrry rough oray into vlogging, check out what I did for my 33rd birthday. Appreciate my growth!

Day 22: Tuesday, April 7

It’s my birthday and I’ll eat cake straight out of the bundt pan because I didn’t butter enough if I want to. The recipe we used for this Chocolate Stout Cake came from Bon Appetit.

Look at the party my friends threw me in Animal Crossing! It’s not the real thing but it was still as wholesome and uplifting as heck.

Day 23: Wednesday, April 8

Today was a bad day. For more coherent content on why Joe Biden sucks (even if he’s the greater of two lesser old white dudes left), check out the work I did for Student Debt Bomb before I had to be furloughed.

Day 24: Thursday, April 9

Wherein I talked about D&D and wear yet another face mask.

Day 25: Friday, April 10

Took the day off vlogging. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Day 26: Saturday, April 11

Portuguese parents are the best parents. We will be taking no responses at this time.

Day 27: Sunday, April 12

Did my best to make Easter special instead of just another day in lockdown.

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