You would think that after everything I’ve written about quidditch, writing this would be easy. The days I’ve stared at my monitor trying to write this post would tell you otherwise. Go read what I’ve written about this sport before if you’re looking for more that.

Let’s talk about Right Now. Right Now sucks. Right Now has so many demands upon us. Upon our finances, our attention, our mental health. Right now is a lot.

But someday, there will be an After. Whenever that time comes, some things from Before will not have survived. After will be different, diminished in so many ways, though I hope improved in others. Still, not everything will go back to normal.

I don’t want quidditch to be one of those things that we lose.

I don’t want a sport that welcomes people of every gender identity to lose its biggest league. I don’t want the club sport that taught me so much in how to be a leader lose its national governing body. I want my nieces to be able to play the same sport their Tia did. I don’t want the thing that has allowed me to travel the country, make friends around the world, and opened my eyes to so many other walks of life not to exist in the times to come.

And truth be told, I don’t want the thing that I poured so much of myself into to disappear. The thing I have earned white hairs over, cried tears of joy and frustrating over, pulled all nighters over. I don’t want it to be over.

Yes, there are alternative leagues. But they’re just that: alternatives. US Quidditch is the lifeblood of this sport, at least in this country, and other leagues will wither up and die without it.

It was my birthday earlier this month. If you were considering getting me a gift but haven’t yet, please donate to US Quidditch. You can learn more here. The fundraising drive ends Thursday. Send me proof of your donation by Wednesday night and I’ll match it up to $100, which is all I can afford to promise right now.

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