Gold Bar Lockdown: Week 6

In the space of six weeks, this quarantine diary when from a project about a novel change in our lives into a monotonous chore. I think this will be the last post like this for a little bit. I still plan about writing about life during corona time, but I’m drowning in my own details.

Anyway, let’s go. This edition is more elaborate bullet points than anything else because I am just that bored and burned out.

Day 35: Monday, April 20

I was up and at them because I had errands to run, this time for Jim’s family. Having shit to do now versus stuff that can be done whenever gives me a sense of urgency. I picked up some melatonin for me too, because my sleep schedule is shit.

Tried to write. Could not. Accepted it.

Went into the kitchen to make soft boiled eggs to add to my SuperGood leftovers, including some made in advance. I overcooked the first batch so let’s hope tomorrow is better.

Jackie came to visit my Animal Crossing island! We had a lovely friend date where I showed her around.

Steve came by to drop off my birthday gift basket. He sat at the foot of my steps and I stayed at the door and we had a socially distanced hang out.

Made a leftover buffet bar in the kitchen. Pick your protein (chicken or beef stew), pick your starch (leftover bread, leftover rice, and the remnants of a box of angel hair), put it in a bowl, nuke it.

Jeopardy and chill. Melatonin time. I tried only one though the bottle said a full dose is two.

Day 36: Tuesday, April 21

The half dose of melatonin helped me go to sleep and stay asleep through most of the night, but I was still up too early. So I scrolled my phone a bit, passed out again, and woke up for real around 8:30 because Jim and getting up and ready for the day. However, my first thought was still need coffee now, so maybe a full dose tonight will be better.

Got coffee, did some morning Animal Crossing errands, then made breakfast tacos for us again while texting my friend Sarang about him leaving jeans behind and embracing the #joggerlife. He’s still working and doing video meetings, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be comfy.

I spent the rest of the morning on mindless domestic things. Breakfast dishes and and laundry, mostly. Last Week Tonight playing in the background. Then, I settled down and started trying to finish at least one of the half finished pile of blog posts sitting in my drafts.

Finally finishing Save Quidditch made me cry.

I made some instant ramen for lunch and added some soft boiled egg. Success!

I made some instagram graphics for blog: quarantine bingo + my Sailor Moon Wardrobe Challenge. Then Facebook Creator Studio ate my draft because it sucks out loud. Why do I bother with that stupid thing.

Dinner was leftovers + pasta, Blazing Saddles, and a full dose of melatonin for dessert.

Day 37: Wednesday, April 22

I woke up from a ridiculously vivid dream of Smythe and I recording West Coast Bias after the Lost Boys had won US Quidditch Cup. Cried.

Current thoughts on melatonin: I sleep straight through thne night (an improvement) but I’m still waking up at 6 am, getting sleepy again at 7:30, and then sleeping until 9.

Get up, breakfast, Animal Crossing. Tell Ryan about my dream. USQ hits their fundraising goal first fundraising, yay!

Have moments of writing angst. Who even reads my blog? Why do I bother? I had a good chat with Gina and Jim about it that helped a lot.

My grocery trips haven’t been as organized as I’d like them to be, so I started doing a bit of meal planning to better determine what we needed beyond restocking basic things.

My character got married in D&D tonight! Dawn and Antonio were supposed to have a fake wedding to draw a bridegroom abducting monster out, but our cleric serves a trickster goddess so of course he performed a real ceremony.

And you all were worried that I wasn’t going to get married this year.

Day 38: Thursday, April 23

I woke up with a sense of purpose because it was grocery day. I put on a cute outfit, some makeup, and made my usual first stop on grocery day: a touchless pickup at Academic Coffee. I could make cold brew at home and I have in the past, but their pandan cold brew is a nice thing from the before times that I appreciate keeping in my life.

I nearly cried when the owner, Frank, waved hello from inside and said, “Hi Liz!” I’m just an extrovert starved for human attention in the flesh, that’s all.

I listen to our local NPR station when I’m in the car but I think I’ve had it with Forum, KQED’s morning interview show. The host is a clueless buffoon that I can usually tolerate but I nearly snapped when I tuned in and heard some white person from the Peninsula talk about how embracing Buddhist principles have really helped them with detachment right now.

Fuck all the way off. I switched to the classic rock station after that.

Got our grocery shopping done and listened to a Gavin Newsom press conference on the way home. Our country is adrift due to lack of leadership, but at least our state is in good hands? I’ll take what I can get.

Put away groceries and made some fancy toast for lunch thanks to smoked salmon from my dad.

Day 39-42: Friday, April 24 to Sunday, April 26

I didn’t take notes on Friday but the president was riffing at the podium and said that disinfectants and sunshine could cure our insides, so who really had the worse day here?

Saturday was 25 de Abril, the day that Portugal threw off the Estado Novo dictatorship. I never thought I’d look back at an (almost) bloodless coup where the socialists, communists, and army overthrew a corrupt government with a hint of envy, but that’s 2020 for you.

Lou and Arthur dropped off some biscuits they made. I turned them into sausage biscuits and gravy. That was the highlight of the day.

Jim and I went for a walk on Sunday morning before he had to work (after working all day Saturday to boot) which started off as a welcome trip outside but quickly turned into the breeze blowing pollen into my face and my allergies going into overdrive.

That afternoon, I tried to get an update on my unemployment benefits based on some updates my boss sent me, only for it to be fundamentally useless. I finally succumbed to anger (versus despair, which has already gotten me a few times) and I had my first rage meltdown of corona time.

A nap calmed me down but six weeks without pay (corona bucks aside) is not what I was planning for.

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