Bubble Water Bracket 2023: Back and Bubblier

Text: Bubble Water Bracket 2023: Back and Bubblier Background: sparkling water cans

When I was talking to longtime readers of the blog about bringing it back this year, one of the top requests I got was to bring back my bubble water bracket. To my ride-or-die readers: this is for you.

For those of you who don’t know, I am a sparkling water addict. Aficionado. Snob. And while I haven’t watched college basketball for years, I never lost my love of filling out a tournament bracket. Put these two together and you get one of the most popular Barcelos Knows features: my yearly Bubble Water Bracket.

Here’s how it works: this year’s competitors will get put into four categories/corners of the bracket: berry, citrus, tropical, and wild card. I like to make things interactive for my readers, so I’m taking your suggestions for this year’s bracket.

Interested in seeing past brackets? Check them out here and enjoy the throwback to what Barcelos Knows looked like before the new rebranding:

See some of your favorites in brackets of years past? Don’t worry, I’m saving space in the wild card part of the bracket for some of these bubbles to get a second chance.

Once the bracket drops later this month, you’ll get a chance to complete your own version of the bracket and compete against other Barcelos Knows readers (the dozens of you, whom I love and cherish) to be this year’s carbonated champion.

The prize? A box of this year’s winning bubbles! So, submit your favorites and stay tuned. This year’s bracket will drop on Wednesday, March 8!

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