Gold Bar Lockdown: Week 6

In the space of six weeks, this quarantine diary when from a project about a novel change in our lives into a monotonous chore. I still plan about writing about life during corona time, but I’m drowning in my own details.

Gold Bar Lockdown: Week 4

We spent my birthday and my favorite holiday at home this year. Here’s to being happy with good enough instead of perfection.

Gold Bar Lockdown: Week 3

I’m tweaking my posting schedule for these weekly updates, so this one’s going to be a bit shorter than usual. I’ll be posting on Monday mornings instead of Tuesdays, so this update only runs through last Sunday.

Gold Bar Lockdown: Week 1

No one asks to live through strange times. It just happens. You live your life. It becomes your new normal. I’m just trying to document how that happens.