Liz Takes Photos: WRC and NWRC 2017

I have a problem. It’s a problem that took staying up until 1:30 am last night for me to begin to grasp it. No, it’s not procrastination (though I struggle with that too). It’s a dangerous blend of perfectionism and competitiveness.

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Road to Regionals: How I Learned to Leave Sparta and Love the Skrewts

Yes, I know that this is late and that I’ve been to regionals and back again. But considering how things went for the Spartans (woo for day 2!) and Skrewts (woo for not qualifying in the last spot!), it feels fitting that I finish this thing with this year’s regional fresh on my mind.

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Road to Regionals: Wrecked in Roseville

If my first year of quidditch was about exceeding nonexistent expectations, then 2014-2015 was the year of high expectations that ended in disappointment. This was a team that had gone to World Cup for the first time and had the potential to go back. We certainly had the desire, anyway. An overwhelming, win at all costs desire. There’s no way to talk about that regional without looking at the whole season.

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Road to Regionals: Western Cup V

I wish I could say that it seems like yesterday that I was heading off to Arizona for my first regional championship. Since I crammed a lot of quidditch into the last four-ish years, the earlier stuff is starting to get a little hazy. So, in an effort to fight the inevitable decay of memory and to share a look back at how someone can go from knowing nothing about quidditch to (arguably) too much, this week my Road to Regionals will begin in Tempe, head up to Roseville, make its way down to Westwood, and come full circle in Peoria.

Let’s go for a ride, guys.

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#WRC2017: A Prayer to St. Quidditch

Note: These are my personal thoughts and do not represent or influence any quidditch organization. This is proven by the fact that USQ generally prefers four pools of five teams for 20-team tournaments, not five pools of four teams. Oopsies?

But if my prayers do fall upon the ears of the good Spirit and are answered in some form, I shall consider myself #blessed.

Dear Spirit of St. Quidditch,

I may stir things up from time to time, but I like to think I’ve worked hard in your service. I don’t ask for much, truly. But may I submit the following prayers re: the pool draw for West Regionals this year? My Catholic upbringing would have me pray an extra rosary or two to sweeten the deal; would you prefer that I run extra laps at practice?

Your obedient servant,
E. Bar

Pod #1:

Lost Boys
Crimson Elite

I don’t ask for much here, just that we don’t draw the Gambits or Cal. I’ve played them several times before and I’d rather see something new. Also, Ryan Smythe still wants to beat me, so if we do draw the Lost Boys, could you send someone to Confound him or something? Thanks.

Pod #2


Oh hey, that’s my pod. Thank you for blessing us with the #10 spot in the West, oh Spirit; it puts earning one of those nine spots for nationals close enough to reach but hard enough that we’ll have to fight for it.

Pod #3

U of Arizona


Pod #4

Crimson Fliers
Wizards of Westwood
Sun Devil Quidditch

More of the same from Pod #1. No repeats please; I didn’t come back to keep playing the same teams. The Fliers and SDQ would be ideal.