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#BarcelosSnows: Snow Cup VII Photos

Indoor lighting + sports photography: 1. Barcelos: 0. I still have a lot to learn. Here are some of my faves. Link to the album here.

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#BarcelosSnows: Why I Didn’t Win Snow Cup

Last week when I wrote that I was going to win Snow Cup, it was a win/win proposition for me. Since one of my New Year’s resolutions is to post to my blog twice a week, I was going to have one last piece of #BarcelosSnows content to start the year off at a running […]

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#BarcelosSnows: How to Win Snow Ball

While only one team can win Snow Cup, it doesn’t matter because we’re all here for Snow Ball anyway. Here’s the great thing about that: we can all win Snow Ball. Winning Snow Ball, as defined by me in a moment of drunken clarity last year, means hooking up—or getting up to whatever shenanigans you want—without […]

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#BarcelosSnows: Why I’m Going to Win Snow Cup

Snow Cup VII logo by Dan Howland

I’m kicking off my Snow Cup blogging with some friendly smack talk for clicks and giggles. Will this come back to bite me later this weekend? Maybe, but shame is fleeting and glory is forever.

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