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Stop saying, “I’m sorry”

My mother hates when I say, “I’m sorry.” I never used to understand that until recently.

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Barcelos Videos: Three Pieces of Unsolicited Birthday Advice

Hello internet! (Yes, I do need a better intro.) I decided to kick off my birthday by trying something new and expanding my media empire: vlogging! My setup definitely needs work, but I think that content comes first while production value can improve over time. Like, comment, subscribe to my channel, and let me know […]

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How to Use Quidditch to Start Your Career Without Sounding Like a Complete Nerd

If you’re reading this, you probably have some quidditch volunteer experience. You’ve probably wondered if it’s worth all the time, effort, and risk to your sanity. Will quidditch actually help you get a real job?

Yes. Maybe. Depends. But it’s not impossible.

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