“Currently reading” is certainly an understatement. I bought this book four years ago, back when I was studying in Portugal during the summer of 2014. I’ve read it on and off over the years but I haven’t finished yet. I have a hundred pages left, not counting the appendices.

Maybe this year I’ll get around to finishing it. But maybe not. This book has lived in so many purses and carry on bags. I’ll disappear into it for a little while before I’m overwhelmed. It’s an escape, but it’s not an easy one.

This is anything but light reading. This is something you read in fits and starts, because that’s how it was written.

I’m worried that once I finish it, I won’t be able to escape with Fernando anymore.

West Coast Bias: Making a Mountain Out of an Anthill

In this third episode of West Coast Bias, Coach Mom has some tough love for her team, Smythe thinks the tournament picked the wrong MVP, and we both keep looking ahead to regionals.

2018 Resolution Update: February

Everyone makes resolutions for the new year. I know that this January was so long that felt like a whole year, but nope, we still have eleven more months to go. Time to check in and see if I’ve been working on reaching the goals I set for myself. Continue reading

West Coast Bias: Heroes and Villains Invitational

It took us long enough, but we’re back with the second episode of West Coast Bias! Ryan Smythe does all the hard work, I accidentally drop one of my hottest takes, and we’re both obviously biased. (But you knew that already.)

Shameless Filler with Jimmy

In typical Barcelos fashion, I can pump out the shameless materialism and recaps of old posts just fine. But the hard-hitting stuff? Not so easy to get that done to my standards.

However, because I know myself, I’ve been banking evergreen content for these occasions.  This time around, you get to learn a little more about me from the person who Knows Barcelos best.

Continue reading

2017 Year in Review: Career

I put off this edition of my Year in Review for last because it’s the hardest one to write. It means admitting failure, something I hate doing. That hardly makes me special; nobody likes feeling like they’ve fallen short.

And yet, here I am. I have a pile of W2s waiting for me to do my taxes. Let’s find out why.

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