In spite of my best attempts at diversifying my portfolio, the best way to describe my bylines is this: quidditch and everything else. I’ve sorted my publications accordingly.


US Quidditch Cup 10

I provided game day coverage at US Quidditch Cup 10. I was responsible for writing recaps of games quickly and accurately. I covered the following games:

Final Four: Texas State vs. BosNYan Bearsharks

Sweet Sixteen: The Lost Boys vs. Quidditch Club Boston

Round of 32: BosNYan Bearsharks vs. Maryland Quidditch

Pool Play: Cal Quidditch vs. BosNYan Bearsharks

Face Beat It

I’m a guest writer for Face Beat It and I’m a regular guest on their podcasts.

Podcast: West Coast Bias Ep. 1

Crimson Cup IV: 2 Hot 2 Take

Podcast: US Quidditch Cup 10 Pool Party

Podcast: Northwest Regionals 2017

Podcast: FBI Interviews Elizabeth Barcelos, USQ West Regional Coordinator

Op-Ed: Argo-Not the Team It Could Be

The Quidditch Post:

I contributed to The Quidditch Post’s coverage of three Major League Quidditch teams: the Los Angeles Guardians, San Francisco Argonauts, and Salt Lake City Hive.

MLQ Championship Preview: Pod 1 (Spotlight on Los Angeles Guardians)

MLQ Championship Preview: Pod 3 (Spotlight on San Francisco Argonauts)

MLQ Championship Preview: Pod 4 (Spotlight on Salt Lake City Hive)


Everything Else

Los Altos Town Crier

I’m a reporter at the Los Altos Town Crier and the editor of the schools, business, and home sections. Read some of my favorite stories below, or check out all my Town Crier bylines instead.

Foothill alum optimistic in the face of DACA uncertainty

Los Altos History Museum wraps up Eichler exhibition

A new look at Silicon Valley’s oldest startup

Joomag Design Academy

I was the lead writer for the Joomag Design Academy, a blog dedicated to making digital design accessible, sharing tips and tricks for creators, and covering design trends. The following are some of my favorite pieces, but you can find all my posts here.

What is Millennial Pink?

Creating Color Palettes

5 Keys to Increasing Your Creative Output

I was an editorial intern at, a News Corp property. The following are some of my favorite articles, but you can find all my writing for here.

The Cat’s Outta the Bag About ‘Catios,’ the Hottest New Pet Amenity

Shacking Up? 7 Money Mistakes to Avoid When Moving in Together

A Grand Dame Gets a Makeover in the Berkeley Hills

It’s Rude to Ask the Age of the Oldest U.S. Home for Sale (but We Did)

West Valley Voices:

My prose and poetry were featured in the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 editions of West Valley Voices magazine.

Spring 2013
18+116 (poetry)
A Year Without Winter (poetry)
Swim Lessons (poetry)
West Valley Haiku (poetry)
When God Has Insomnia (poetry)

Fall 2012:
Sabotage (fiction)
Runaway Bride (poetry)
Cal-Skate (creative nonfiction)
Chasing Atlantis (poetry)
Confession Box (poetry)