The Tulle Skirt Experiment

Or rather, Barcelos didn’t know she could wear a tulle skirt without looking completely ridiculous. I asked for your help and I was lucky to have several answers to choose from!

I decided that if this was going to be a proper experiment, I wasn’t going to just throw together outfits based on your recommendations, take pictures of them, and then call it a day. I was going to wear a tulle skirt out in the wild, doing the things I usually do during the week.

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Barcelos Cooks: A Culinary Reputation at Steak

Okay, saying I can’t cook is a bit of an overstatement. I love cooking breakfast. I like to bake from time to time. I can throw together a quick pasta based weeknight dinner, no problem. But beyond that, I feel out of my element in the kitchen. I do watch a lot of Chopped, though. Does that count for anything?

I’m also a pretty picky eater. I’ll eat random animal parts (tongue? yes please. blood sausage? nom nom nom.) but veggies have been A Thing I Do Not Eat for as long as I remember. Don’t blame my parents; they tried. There were many dinner table showdowns of the “you will not get up until you eat this” variety, but I’ve always been extraordinarily stubborn and was willing to engage in siege warfare to get my way.

My sister is another picky eater, but now that she’s a mother, she’s trying not to pass her finicky tastes down to her daughters. I’ve been watching her try to cook more and eat things outside of her comfort zone by ordering meals from Home Chef, so I decided to join her.

More things to learn? More things to write about? What could possibly go wrong?

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