Barcelos Brews: Wander Brewing with Siri!

Barcelos Brews Wander Brewing with Siri

Last month, my West Coast quidditch, beer, and friendship journey took me to my beloved Pacific Northwest. My friend Siri Rigsby took me on a tour of Bellingham, which included a visit to Wander Brewing.

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February 2019 Favorites

February Favorites

The people, places, and things that sparked joy in February 2019.

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El Segundo Brewing with Shaye

Two beer flights at El Segundo Brewing.

As much as I love quidditch, it’s becoming more of an excuse just to travel and see my friends. I headed to El Segundo Brewing to meet up with Shaye Lander, one of the original #BarcelosBros and an even bigger beer nerd than I am.

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2018 Resolution Update: August

Last month’s resolution check in got a little heavy, but I’m back at it with my usual updates. I’m keeping it short but sweet this month.

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Barcelos Brews: Original Gravity’s Sixth Anniversary

Have some hot takes on these cold beers.

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Barcelos Brews: Alvarado Street Brewery

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, but if you don’t believe in God, then let me call if proof that my boyfriend loves me and wants me to be happy.

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Barcelos Brews: Almanac Beer Co.

Notes from a field trip up to Alameda’s Almanac Beer Co.

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