West Coast Bias: Crimson Cup & Chandra College Cup

I didn’t write anything last night because I was chatting with my partner in podcast crime instead. Ryan Smythe and I podcast together pretty regularly anyway, so we decided to make it official. Check out the first episode of West Coast Bias here.

Countdown to Kissimmee: Face Beat It Pool Party

The crew over at Face Beat It seem to enjoy the sound of my voice and my takes on quidditch, so I got into the pool with them for their US Quidditch Cup 10 Pool Party. Instead of sitting through a long podcast breaking down the whole tournament, waiting for the damn hosts to get to your team already, you can pick and choose which pools you want to listen to. I joined host Ryan Smythe (who continues to take his life into his hands every time he calls my team the Shrewts) for Pools 2 and 7.

FBI Pool Party US Quidditch Cup 10

I haven’t been writing as much as I should have been lately (shame, shame) because I’ve been working on a little project. Just trying to maintain the legacy of the West’s biggest summer quidditch event. No pressure. Thanks to Face Beat It for the interview!

Smythe conducts another interview – this time with Liz Barcelos, USQ West Coordinator.

via Podcast: FBI Interviews Elizabeth Barcelos, USQ West Regional Coordinator — Face Beat It